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God Recognizes and Sees Everything

You cannot hide from God. He knows everything. He sees everything. When you err against Him, it’s better to own up to your mistakes. Don’t hide from Him.

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God knows and sees everything, but He wants and expects you to tell Him everything. Because of this, He is always seeking to establish a close relationship with His creation. When Adam sinned, He asked him, “Where are you? Why in the world are you hiding from me?”1 God knew Adam and Eve had disobeyed Him, but He still wanted them to tell Him everything that had transpired. That is the essence of a true relationship with God—a relationship with God is spelled C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. When Cain murdered his brother, He asked him, “Where is your brother?”2 God knew very well of Cain’s vile deed, but He still wanted him to tell Him everything about what had transpired. God knows everything! Even though He knows everything, He also sees everything. Even the things that we perceive as our deepest secrets. He is the most powerful “Big Brother” of all “Big Brothers,” so there is no hiding from Him.

“God knows what you’ve been doing, everything you’ve been doing. You may fool me, but you can’t fool God!” — F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We experience new events, new year’s, new accomplishments, to mention but a few. Sometimes, the new things that we experience are not always hitch-free. Sometimes, a complication or two may arise, and sometimes the complication may be due to our own errors. Brand-new milestones in our lives could come with errors that we make as we go through life. We always seem to err in one way or another, but the fact remains that we should never hide from God—whatever our error may be. Adam tried to hide from the all-knowing and forever universally present cosmic CCTV—God—that is funny and stupid at the same time.3 We must come boldly to Him, confess our wrong, and ask Him for mercy when we are wrong.4 That is the attitude that always wins. That is the attitude that gets you forgiven as He begins His restorative work in your life. Our attitude will determine our altitude in Him.

We must make prayer our habit, our culture, and our lifestyle!

What does God desire? A broken spirit—that is just what He wants from those who err and transgress against Him. God wants remorseful people (i.e., people who have deep and painful regret for wrongdoing; people who are full of repentance). Not only should you be sorry about your wrongdoing—He wants you to go a step further by turning away from those errors and embracing Him utterly for the help you need to live above those errors. As the Psalmist said, “a broken and a contrite heart, O God, you will not ignore.”5 God will forgive you every time you come back to Him by His Way (i.e., through the cleansing that comes from the blood of Jesus Christ).6 However, you can’t afford to go back to doing wrong—it’s like a dog that goes back to its vomit.

“The fact that God knows everything does not mean that He is directly causing everything. He respects our freedom at our level. He makes it possible for us to act freely. If He didn’t, we wouldn’t act at all—we wouldn’t be at all.” — Francis George.

Every healthy relationship needs this level of communication to ask anything from your partner, including forgiveness, freely. I can imagine some of you feeling relaxed with the thoughts of sinning against God and gladly running back to Him seeking forgiveness. God is merciful, yes. However, do not mock God with insincere repentance. You cannot mock God deliberately and get away with it. Taunting God is toying with your own soul. Remember, He is all-merciful and all-powerful. However, He is not stupid. You will eventually reap what you sow into the ground of your life.7 God will forgive you, no doubt. However, it would help if you remembered that repentance opportunities are not infinite because we have finite lives. Be genuine. Remember, eternity—heaven or hell—is infinity—your choice. 

It is either Heaven, or Hell—You choose!

Just as God is ready to forgive you always; remember, you must also be unhesitant to forgive anyone who mistreats you as often as they wrong you and repent. Be willing to forgive others that hurt you—be sure never to hold grudges towards those that offend you.8 Avoid strife in your hearts. Remember that you are not verbally exchanging words with someone does not mean you’re at peace with them. Some people are experts at holding grudges with people in their hearts. Drop all discord with others. Expunge all roots of quarrel, hatred, or bitterness from your heart towards others that offend you.9 God hears everything in your heart. As your heart speaks, it is even louder than your vocal voice. Living in your own wrong inclinations (jealousy, discord, bitterness, hate, etc.) is the fastest way to lose God’s Presence.10 It is like you leaving the Garden of Eden and venturing into No Man’s Land.11

“The great news is that God knows everything about you, both good and bad, and He still loves you and values you unconditionally. God does not always approve of our behavior. He is not pleased when we go against his will, and when we do, we always suffer the consequences and have to work with Him to correct our thoughts, words, actions, or attitudes. And while you should work to improve in the areas where you fall short, nothing you do will ever cause God to love you less…or more. His love is a constant you can depend on.” — Joel Osteen.

God’s Presence is your security. You must always stay in Eden to maintain your eternal security. Your pass to Eden is repentance and drawing near to God through faith in the atoning work of Christ’s death on the cross. To retain your residency in Eden is to sojourn in Christ. To distance yourself from Christ via a life of sin and insincere repentance is to distance yourself from Eden—the symbol of God’s presence. Don’t leave Eden, and don’t do anything that drives you away from it. Sin will push you away from Eden or God’s presence. Remember, whenever you’re in God’s Presence, you’re in Eden. God’s Presence will give you every good thing that you need in every new venture that you embark on. Remember that God knows everything, so do not hide your sins from Him; it can’t be done. Never lose Eden. If you’re not saved yet, you’re in No Man’s Land. If you’re not saved yet, you’re in the Badlands of Sin. The devil can do with you as he pleases.   


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