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Make the Best of Where You Are

What is your story? Whatever the situation that you face and whatever your narrative may be, the onus lies on us to make the best of where you are in life…see the opportunity of the circumstance.

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Every place that we are in life is a stage in the set of our lives that we experience. Life experiences as they come can be positive or negative. Favorable experiences can be a place where we have all the comfort and pleasures of this life. It is a place where we have limited worries concerning providing ourselves with the necessary amenities of life. In this place, we tend to worry about few things. Life is pretty much a breeze with very minimal struggle. When we look on the other side of the spectrum, there are times when we experience different challenges in various stages of our lives. In this place, we are engulfed in the rat race of life. This other place is where we may not have the comforts that we want. What is your story? Whatever the situation that you face and whatever your narrative may be, the onus lies on us to make the best of where you are in life.

Everyone is in some situation or the other—it could be positive, or it could be a negative one. Whatever circumstance it is that we find ourselves in life, one of the most common denominators of positive and negative happenings in our lives is our attitude. In other to make the best of every position that we find ourselves in this life, good or bad, we must have a positive attitude. Our attitude determines our altitude in life. How we handle the episodes of our lives, will ascertain how far we will go in life. The second common denominator of our life situations is perception. In other words, how do we perceive or see the condition that we are experiencing via our mind’s eye? Do we recognize the opportunity of our situation and tap into it in other to make the best of where we are at that very moment? Or do we just see the negatives? Whatever our situations, my advice to all is for us to see the opportunity of the circumstance. It is either we see an obstacle, or we could choose to see a steppingstone that will translate us to greater heights. In the video below, the speaker highlights some significant facts worth considering concerning making the best of where we are in life.

“Make the best of where you are in life. See the positives and not the negatives of your situation. See the opportunity of the circumstance.”

The video drives home some lessons that are worthy of note. First, we need to be wary of complaining. If you find yourself in a favorable life situation, be grateful concerning your life situation. Always remember that many are wishing to have it as convenient as you have it, hoping that they could just be in your shoes. Are you in a less favorable situation, I also implore you to stop whining and complaining about your circumstance? Come to think of it, if you keep worrying about the position you find yourself and do nothing about it, will the situation change? Tell me, can all your worries add a single moment to your life? Instead of worrying and complaining about the lemons that life has dished you now, why don’t you channel the time that you spend complaining, whining, and worrying towards coming up with options to dig yourself out of the pit of your current situation? See your current position in life—good or bad—as an opportunity. Make the best of where you are now as you work towards improving the status quo.

Second, the present situation that you are experiencing is a phase of your life that will pass. While in that chapter of your life, aim to make the best of it so that when you look back at that phase, you will see a trail of lessons-learned from the situation. See your life as a story. As you pass through life phases—good or bad—recognize these phases as chapters in your life. When other’s read or remember the annals of your life, they will always have solid testament on how you handled that phase of your life. So, instead of complaining, see your current circumstance as a phase. See that life episode from the lens that you are writing the story of your life via the actions that you are taking today. Your actions today will define the reality of your tomorrow. So, as you see yourself in a situation, see it as an opportunity to write the best chapter ever in the epic novel of your life. Make the best of that passing phase, and don’t lose sight of that opportunity. Write the best story of your life as you approach that phase with a positive attitude. Don’t fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel and be encouraged as you forge ahead. It’s only a new chapter, a new beginning as you tell the world the story of the greatest you ever told.

Write the new chapter of your life by making the best of where you are

Finally, as you journey towards making the best of where you are in life, always see it as a growth process. How can you become the best you if you don’t experience different things in your life? Various circumstances in our lives play a pivotal role is forging us into the best us ever. Experiences shape us into the vessels that we eventually become. The lack of happenings in our lives is the lack of opportunities. The lack of opportunities is the lack of vital catalyst that stimulates us into becoming. Mark Twain once said that “We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it—and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove-lid again—and that is well; but also, she will never sit down on a cold one anymore.” Don’t stop there, let your experiences spur you to advance forward in your paths of becoming. Make the best of where you are. Learn from it and forge ahead towards where you want to be.

In summary, this article has shed some light on some essential facts that are very beneficial. First, life experiences can be favorable (i.e., positive) or they can be unfavorable (i.e., negative). Life happens to all of us. The events we face can be good or bad. Second, two common denominators establish how we approach our life experiences. These two common denominators are our attitude and perception. We can choose to embrace a critical stance and remain in the quagmire of despair, or we could elect to approach it with a positive attitude as we figure ourselves out and move the needle towards a more positive scenario. The other denominator is our perception. We can choose just to see the bad. In so doing, you will most likely miss the lesson to be learned in that scenario. Third, we need to be wary of always complaining. Stop worrying and start working your way out of your less favorable circumstance. Fourth, your present situation is just a phase. Write the best story you can concerning that episode of your life. Finally, it’s all a growth process. See your present circumstance as you grow up towards becoming the best you ever. Make the best of where you are!

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