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Unearthing Your Latent Potentials: Discovering the Gems of Your Subliminal-Self by Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze [Autographed by Author]


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In this stunning new book, Unearthing Your Latent Potentials: Discovering the Gems of Your Subliminal-Self, Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze writes a compelling and immersive manifesto about our capacity to become more than we currently are.

Who am I? What was I created to do? What do I do best? Have you ever pondered on the human capacity to become more? Do you ever ask yourself, “How can I surpass my status quo?” Do you, at times, wonder about the golden fleece of new possibilities buried in the depths of your subconscious? Do you ever rhetorically ask, “How do I go about discovering or re-discovering the gems of these new possibilities?” Many people struggle with these kinds of questions that probe into who they really are.

While tackling these questions and more, Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze in Unearthing Your Latent Potentials nudges readers to unearth the abilities hidden within the depths of their minds or subconscious by applying a systematic structure to the process of self-discovery. To do so, Agom-Eze leads the reader on a unique, structured, and methodic path of psychological self-discovery. He guides readers on using tools (i.e., SWOT Analysis Matrix and PDCA Cycle) best known to be applied by organizations to self-audit, strategize, and take transformative action steps to analyze the individual. In a well-woven tapestry of words, Agom-Eze weaves an insight-infused literary magnum opus that guides the mind on a colorful journey of potential discoveries.

The pain point of many is that of uncertainty—many people struggle with the clarity of purpose when it comes to their innate capacity to do more with their known and unknown potentials, Agom-Eze asserts. Because of fear, self-doubt, procrastination, giving up prematurely, and laziness, many people end up living their lives below their maximum potentials. He establishes that what stands between you and your best self ever is your energy, perseverance, and your sheer willingness to try.  Unearthing Your Latent Potentials: Discovering the Gems of Your Subliminal-Self is a self-reflective pause to dig deeper, discover, and uncover the gems of your best self ever—a habit you would never want to leave.

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