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Oaekpost, LLC,  is a U.S. based online media company and the parent organization of www.oaekpost.comOaekpost, is a proprietary multi-niche global news, entertainment, and lifestyle media platform for sharing compelling resource-rich content with the goal of adding value to minds.


Our mission at Oaekpost is to inform the minds of our readers and followers through our resource-rich, thought-provoking, and value-adding targeted content and opinions through our News, Lifestyle, and Entertainment categories and sub-categories.

Our mission is to reach a multigenerational audience with a principal demographic focus being Generations X, Y, Z.  Our goal is to engage the minds of all our readers, particularly in these generations, by providing a nook in the deluge and age of information overload for a value-added reading experience.   

Our mission is to trigger an ongoing dialogue in the subconscious of our readers as we discuss, debate, and exchange ideas as it relates to our resource-rich, knowledge-provoking, and value-adding targeted content and opinions. 

Our mission is not to report scoops as it breaks in real time but to offer our insightful opinion on the various trends and happenings in the society.  Our goal is to provide views through the categories that we offer.  Our goal is to provide knowledge-rich content and position ourselves as a go-to platform for insight and enlightenment.

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