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12 Apps You Need for Your Personal Growth

The quest for personal growth, self-help, and self-development is a given in everyone’s lives. We are amid an App evolution and revolution. We can leverage these applications in fostering our personal development. Find out how! Please read all about it!

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We are amid an App evolution and revolution. As a result, there is pretty much a mobile application for almost everything that you can imagine. According to the Statista Research Department, the statistics on Mobile app usage are nothing but mind-blowing. They establish that the primary application stores are the Google Play Store for Android phone users, the Apple App Store iOS, and the Amazon Appstore. 

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Google Play Store comes in numero uno in the highest global download of apps. Google Play saw a 21.3 billion apps download—mind-blowing, right? On the split end of the spectrum, the Apple app store takes home the Herculean share of consumer spending on mobile applications—a mind-blowing 64 percent share of global consumer spending. Statista establishes that by 2023 there will be a projected 9935 billion U.S. dollars via the paid downloads and in-app advertising—gut-wrenching and mega mind-blowing, right? Okay, I can go on spewing numbers; however, we get the gist—mobile app growth is a super hungry and growing beast!

We are amid an app evolution and revolution. Tap into the power of apps and develop yourself.

Yes, the is an app evolution and revolution. In personal development, Apps are also here to stay in helping us become our best selves yet. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” When it comes to personal development, it is a function of choice. It is a conscious decision that we must transform ourselves from who we are in the parlance of our status quo to who we want to become, from soup to nuts. In need of some personal development for a more prosperous life? You can get all the boost you need by having the right apps on your mobile device and grow on the go. 

12 Apps You Need for Your Personal Growth

Use every means to unleash your potential!

Our phone can be more of an asset when we’re intentional about growth. Mark the qualifying adjective there, “intentional,” you must do it with intention or on purpose. Personal development takes effort. It is a decision that you must make. So, why not leverage the mobile technology in your hand and let it become a positive tool for your improvement? I have carefully listed the best personal development apps you can install on your mobile device, and enjoy your growth journey. Read on and thank me later. Let’s go: 

#1. Elevate—Brain Training

Give your brain a boost today—Elevate!

Elevate is a brain-boosting app in the form of games that helps improve our analytical thinking, comprehension, focus, memory, reading, writing, quick mathematical calculations, and speaking capabilities. With over 35 games, the Elevate team has been successful in helping us become more confident and productive. The app also helps us track our performance and growth as well as become more successful in life.

#2. Lumosity—Brain Training

Stay innovative with Lumosity! Photo Credit: Lumosity.

Developed by scientists at Lumosity, this app is another brain-boosting app that tests your mental strength and develops your brain. So, if you want to remain bright, stick to this app as it helps to improve your memory, teach you some observation skill and helps improve your problem-solving skills in your leisure time.

#3. Simply Being—Meditation

Meditation is the transcendent amplifier of the soul.

The Simply Being App by Meditation Oasis® helps build our mindset through daily meditations. You can decide to meditate for a specific time duration, and it comes with meditation music and Natural sounds. You can choose to listen to the music alone to feel refreshed in your mind. Doing this daily, especially to start your day, makes you feel better and helps you stay positive throughout the day.

#4. Hello Mind—Mental Development

Fight your mind battles with Hello Mind; Photo Credit: Hello Mind Facebook Page.

The Hello Mind App helps build you by fighting the battles in your mind, enabling you to win life battles. So, if you’re down or struggling with low esteem, bad habits, or specific weaknesses, this app will aid you in overcoming all your struggles and live a happy and more fulfilled life.

#5. Happify—Mood 

Happify, a mental application that makes a difference. Photo Credit: Google Play Store.

Happify is a mental health application that proffers solutions to the feelings of sadness, anxiety, or stress via activities, games, and meditation. Happify allows you to take control of your feelings and thoughts. The science behind its effectiveness hinges on some evidence-based interventions from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). 

#6. Unstuck—Solution-Based 

To get out of that box or rut, use Unstuck. Photo Credit: Unstuck Twitter Page.

Unstuck App is that app you go to for quick answers to your questions when you feel stuck in a particular aspect of your life. Hence, whenever you’re feeling down or hate your current circumstances that make you feel stuck, use the app to get out of that box or rut.

#7. Mind Movies—Visualization Training

The Mind Movies App helps you live your best life. Photo Credit: Google Play Store.

The Mind Movies App helps you to live your best life. This app gives you access to all the inspiration you need to live a life without limits, set and achieve life goals, manifest a powerful reality, help you achieve your life goals, and connect to a community of people with like minds that will help you grow. Mind Movies achieves its goal via visualization. It nudges you to tap into the power resident in your subconscious, shift your desires into your daily reality. Mind Movies will help you turn your dreams into realities.

#8. Remente—Self-Improvement 

Remente is a powerful self-improvement app that empowers us to become a better version of ourselves. Photo Credit: Google Play Store.

Remente is one of the best personal development apps that empowers us to become a better version of ourselves. This app has a library of self-improvement courses, a daily to-do list that helps us achieve our daily goals and our long-term vision. Remente also allows us to track our moods to remain in a positive mindset that encourages us to achieve our set down goals for life and be successful. You can have a prosperous, fabulous, and healthy life by utilizing the Remente App daily.

#9. Pep Talk—Motivation

Do you want to motivate yourself, then Pep Talk is the way to go for sure. Photo Credit: Pep Talk Twitter Page.

Pep Talk has an extensive library of self-improvement videos and audios by inspirational experts worldwide that can help you live a more successful life. Pep Talk is an app you can use to inspire you on your way to work, boost your confidence for that project, strengthen you while at the gym, and many more. So, if you want to keep feeding your mind with the right kind of inspiration to aid in your personal growth, then Pep Talk motivation is the app for you.

#10. SuperBetter—Mental Fitness

SuperBetter is the go-to app when you need to overcome depression and remain mentally fit. Photo Credit: SuperBetter.

The SuperBetter App blends gamification with real-life realities. The genesis of this app comes from an actual life experience where the Founder, Jane McGonigal, struggled to overcome intense depression. As such, she had to find a way to help herself and others experiencing the same using the app. As a result, this app has become successful in assisting people to overcome mental illnesses, depression, overcome life challenges, build new habits, and become stronger in mind and body. SuperBetter is the go-to app when you need to overcome depression and remain mentally fit.

#11. Forest—Stay Focused

The Forest App helps you stay focused. Photo Credit: Forest App Facebook Page.

Like the SuperBetter app, the Forest App uses the idea of gamification to help us stay focused every day in a world with unlimited distractions. Staying focus helps us achieve our daily goals faster and allows us to manage our time successfully. This app helps you set a timer for every work task that you need to get done. If you’re often distracted and can’t get things done on time, then this app is for you.

#12. Workout Trainer—Fitness

The Workout Trainer app surely helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. Photo Credit: Google Play Store.

The Workout Trainer fitness app helps you remain physically active through a daily workout routine that does not require you to go to the gym or use the workout equipment. You can stay fit by following all the workout instructions in the app and enjoy it more by playing your favorite music to keep you going. Choose a workout most suitable for you and connect with a community of fitness individuals. The app surely helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. A daily fitness routine improves your body, improves your mind, and energizes you for a more productive day.

There are no limits. Use every resource to better yourself today.

Personal growth and development are necessary for a more prosperous life when we are intentional about it daily. But, in the words of Hal Elrod, “Every time we move personal development aside, we invite personal struggle into our lives.” We cannot put personal development aside. We must embrace the process of continuous improvement to continue to advance ourselves and move forward in all that we do. Inspiration is key to growth, so why not gain that inspiration via mobile apps that can support the process of our becoming?

The best investment you can make is in yourself.” — Warren Buffett.

In this piece, we saw some mobile apps that could aid in our personal growth. They include Elevate, Lumosity, Simply Being, Hello Mind, Happify, Unstuck, Mind Movies, Remente, Pep Talk, SuperBetter, Forest, and Workout Trainer. Of course, the listicle is not exhaustive. However, these applications can help our mental health, infuse positive vibes, enhance our growth mindset, help us reach our goals, etc. So, tell me another personal development app I have missed out on in this article? I would love to read your thoughts on this. Good luck as you continue your growth journey.

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