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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Generation Z

Gen Z’s were born generally between the years of 1995 and 2010, give or take a few years. The possess unique distinguishing qualities. Hence, why we have dedicated the Gen Z Niche for them on Oaekpost. Find out what makes them tick.

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Photo: Adobe Stock Photography

While the generations themselves don’t get a chance to name or categorize themselves, Generation Z or Gen Z sure has made a name for themselves. Following the Millennial generation, Gen Z’s were born between 1995 and 2010, give or take a few years. Currently, the eldest of them are starting to emerge in the workforce. While the Millennials lived through the spark of personal computers and the start of the Internet, Gen Z was the first to be born into it. They don’t know a world before it, and it has changed how nearly everyone else moves through the world. Knowing how they can affect and shape our world is inherently valuable in how every other generation interacts with them.

“Gen Z embraces living in the right now and enjoys sharing the world through their eyes through Snapchat stories that enable them to tell their story of a day in their life in an unedited video that will last for 24 hours before disappearing forever.” — Daniel Burrus

Gen Z is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking groups of young people. Growing up in a technological revolution puts them uniquely front-and-center to try and use and manipulate these modern marvels in ways that were previously thought impossible. They find a problem and look to fix it, both for themselves and the future. In the last decade, a young woman has discovered an enzyme that can help better target and eliminate cancer cells without killing healthy ones—to be honest, that is profoundly amazing, to say the very least. A young man has created a device that will help rid the ocean of unnecessary garbage dumped within it. Even more amazing, it runs entirely on solar energy. There is nothing that these young people cannot face.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gen Z

Gen Z—Born generally between the years of 1995 and 2010

The best way to relate with somebody or a group of people is to understand the distinct qualities that characterize the person or a group of persons. We especially live in a multi-generational society that comprises all the generational groups. Today in America, we have six generations living here. They are the GI Generation, Mature/Silents, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y/Millennium, and Generation Z/Boomlets. Understanding the unique characteristics of Gen Z will open a lot of opportunities in learning how to relate to everyone in this generational category.

One of our missions on is “…to reach a multigenerational audience with a principal demographic focus being Generations X, Y, Z. Our goal is to engage the minds of all our readers, particularly in these generations, by providing a nook in the deluge and age of information overload for a value-added reading experience.” Here on Oaekpost, we are dedicating a whole sort to Gen Z via our Gen Z Niche category. Why? Because Gen Z currently “…makes up 25.9% of the United States population, the largest percentage, and contribute $44 billion to the American economy. They now account for one-third of the U.S. population, certainly worth paying attention to.” The Gen Z Niche is our way of engaging with the Boomlets that will be visiting Oaekpost. We will be publishing articles, stories, interviews, insights, and other fun and engaging materials that appeal to this generational niche. So, buckle up Oaekposters, let us begin this journey on Gen Z Niche by delving into the “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gen Z.”

#1. They are the Generation of Interconnectivity

Gen Z—The Plugged-In Generation

The biggest complaint older generations have for this new burgeoning generation is that they’re always plugged in. That is because they have been since birth. The oldest Generation Z was born around 1995, while the first significant rise in personal computers happened in 1982, with no less than three different companies releasing their own models that year.4 The World Wide Web, which ushered on the Internet, burst onto the open market in August of 1991.3 They have spent their whole life connected, learning how to use computers and utilize the Internet in school as a tool to be used to expand their educational horizons. It’s grown with them as well, with new models of technology being released every few years or so, and those products being more often created to complement their global mindset.

#2. The Term “Celebrity” Is Far More Nebulous for Them

Gen Z—Redefining the meaning of the word “Celebrity!”

The term “celebrity” is far more nebulous for the Boomlets (i.e., another name for Gen Z). With this global mindset, they also find entertainment in various ways, from websites like YouTube and Twitter to smartphone apps, like the now-defunct Vine and Instagram. Vine is well-known for skyrocketing young Gen Z’s to near-celebrity status. Hundreds of millions of views on 6-second videos from people that had been relative nobody’s in the days before. But as these stars rise, they also fall. After the Vine website became defunct, many users moved to websites like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and now Tik Tok. One of the few who made a successful transition, Drew Gooden, now boasts over 1 million subscribers to his witty and biting YouTube critique channel.5 He, in his own right, has used this celebrity status as a springboard for success in other avenues on the Internet. He isn’t the only one, and he certainly won’t be the last.

#3. They’re Leaders In Social Justice and Inclusivity

Teens marching to the Capitol in protest of gun violence

Gen Z grew up when the concept of global warming was a burgeoning idea, refugees and immigrants became an important political issue, and racial injustice was thrown more into the spotlight. Rather than standing aside and letting everyone make decisions around them that would otherwise affect them, they stepped up to the plate and led the charge. The more recent Parkland, Florida school shooting on February 14, 2018, started a wave of student protests calling for better gun restrictions to keep the event from occurring again. Protestors marched to the Capitol in Washington, D.C., and some even made it to the White House to spread advocacy for their cause. They’ve put their beliefs into action instead of just standing aside and letting someone else take the lead on sundry issues. These young men and women will become our next generations of leaders and thinkers, and they aren’t afraid to act like it.

#4. Sex and Sexuality Aren’t Taboo Topics for Them

Gen Z—More open to Sex Education—Let’s teach them what is right

The last few years have been fraught with various groups advocating for sexual equality and recognition. Gen Zs have been quite vocal in pushing for sexual rights. Between these “deemed” acts of social justice and the more open and expansive integration of more sex education in our culture, they’ve become more comfortable exploring their sexuality and feel safer doing so. The more open dialog about sexuality and gender is a safer environment for dialog and learning. They’re also protected and more knowledgeable about it too. The instances of teen pregnancy have gone down from 59.9 per 1000 women in 1990 to 20.3 per 1000 women in 2016.6 This helps lead to a more open dialog about the past and how the treatment of sex and sexuality has affected the collective psyche of previous generations. Gen Z is not afraid to dialog; hence, with collective research in the right way, they will decide and make decisions on what is right and what is wrong when it comes to sexuality, treatment, and rights. Let this generation be taught what is objectively right.

#5. The Prefer Gadgets to Experiences 

Boomlets tend to prefer gadgets and products to experiences.

Because they’ve grown up with the Internet, Boomlets tend to prefer gadgets and products to experiences. Growing up in such a tangle of interconnectedness, they get to experience firsthand from the comfort of their own space more diverse and expansive perspectives. Money is one of the most critical concerns for this generation, and spending it on an experience would seem a waste—especially when they have the option to purchase something that’ll make their lives easier. With more burgeoning technology, this helps connect to the rest of the world quicker, presumably more stable, and secure. Not to mention that these gadgets can sometimes make life easier. Laptops and smartphones are becoming even smarter, lighter, and more portable for the student or worker on the go. Generation Z loves these kinds of products, and companies are rushing to meet that growing demand.

#6. They’ve Ushered in A New Shift in Buying Power

Gen-Z—The force behind the new shift in buying power

The Boomlets have ushered in a new shift in the economic macrocosm via a robust and growing buying power—and companies are taking notice of this new and rising trend. Whole classes on how to gear advertising campaigns toward Gen Z’s and Millennials have cropped up in droves across the Internet in the last 5 years. This generation isn’t made of fools either; they know their power. They want real products and real results. Rather than just choosing name brands, they’re willing to take a product for its quality rather than its name. And with such easy access to things like Amazon, where products can be rated by actual customers, they will do the work and the research to make sure that they get the best product. If they don’t provide the best product, they are not shy in letting you know and telling it as it is. They’re being blamed for the fall of larger department stores, like Sears and Kmart, but with open access to sometimes better products for cheaper, who wouldn’t, especially when their finances are some of their biggest worries?

#7. They’re Far More Cynical About Finances

Gen Z—Quite skeptical about their finances

Growing up amid the recent financial slowdown helped shape how they view money and the things that they do use it on. Many Gen Zs believe that they’ll have to work harder to live similarly to how their parents and grandparents lived. While those in the workforce in 1950 made an average of $0.75 an hour, that equates to $7.25 an hour now.9 Despite this, the average price of a home in the 1950s was $7,354 (approximately $77,167 now); the average price for a home now is around $236,400 as of 2006.8 They’re already working harder to help close this gap. It is pertinent to note that some of the most elite of these young men and women are working an average of 67 hours a week, according to the Forbes 30 under 30 lists. With this kind of data and inflation, no wonder they are a lot more skeptical about their finances.

“Companies are just adapting to my generation in the workplace, and most have yet to notice us.” — Jonah Stillman.

 #8. They Are Incredibly Independent

Gen Z—The Spirit of Independence runs in their veins

While this may not add too much, the average age of a Gen Z’s entry into the workforce is around the ages of 16 to 18 years, rather than heading straight into college.1 For companies, this makes them an asset. They can quickly research anything at the tip of their fingers and have spent years perfecting this research process. While they may be new to the existing workforce, they can think outside of the box and work faster and harder than many of their predecessors. From their employers, they desire stability and fairness, above all else. They aren’t willing to work without getting the pay that they deserve. More and more employers are changing the way that they interact with their employees because of this. In such financially uncertain times, it’s easy to see why.

#9. They Are Entrepreneurial 

Gen Z’s—Becoming far more entrepreneurial than the previous generations

Because of this incredible independent spirit, Gen Z’s have become far more entrepreneurial than the previous generations. Being tech-savvy and having access to nearly anyone on the planet is helpful to this aspect; many can start businesses for themselves. In the most recent Forbes 30 under 30 lists, this generation has its own incredible list—all under the age of 25 years old. Among them is inventor Hannah Herbst, at the age of 17, created a device, called BEACON, to harvest energy from ocean waves and is hoping to use it to produce power and clean drinking water for underdeveloped countries.7 Khaled Khatib, at the age of 21, also appeared on the list as cinematographer for the documentary on the White Helmets, the humanitarian group in Syria who helped following an earthquake in the region, saving dozens of people.7 Don’t forget Vitalik Buterin, who at the 23-year-old created the company Ethereum, the blockchain program responsible for bitcoin.7 Yeah, that bitcoin.

#10. The Future Is A Scary Prospect for Them

Gen Z—Courting a notion of uncertainty, doubt, and insecurity about the future—Risky footpath road through water vanishing in distance, dark stormy moody clouds bringing bad weather coming towards.

With all the economic instability these days, who isn’t scared? Gen Zs grew up in this kind of fluctuating environment. Many of Generation Z hope to break the trend of the renter-minded Millennials and be able to purchase their own homes, but with the skyrocketing prices of homes, they’ll have to work an insane amount of time to achieve those goals.2 They battle the predisposed idea of college and higher education when there are previously uncharted territories of the Internet landscape to make a living. Don’t forget to mention that the usefulness of college degrees is being diminished over the years and that the cost for most of them greatly outweighs the potential income that they’ll receive in a given career. (NB. To gain some perspective about this notion of getting a college degree, you may want to read my other article, Is a University Degree Important these Days?” ). No matter the difficulty, they seem to be able to pull through in the end.

Gen Z—Budding with many potentials and possibilities

In the era of school shootings, social injustice, and political and economic instability, Generation Z somehow still manages to find little joys in the world they grew up in. They can transform their hobbies into businesses to own and control from a young age. They find entertainment in their temporary celebrities and the latest gadgets. They still hope for the opportunity to own their own homes and to create a future that they’d be proud of, and ultimately, they deserve. They’re moving mountains while they’re still being treated like children who have no voice. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook that the world is happening to them, not around them. They see things that they’re unhappy with and vocalize the change that they want to see in the world—in-person or virtually, it doesn’t matter.

“Millennials and Gen Z value the in-person communication that comes with a traditional corporate office much as older generations do.” — Dan Schawbel.

Previous generations regularly contemplate the newest ones, how they differ from the “norm” that was before, but each generation shapes the one following it. This creates a group with different ideas that see the world in a different light. The men and women of Generation Z sit in a unique position when compared to other generations. They are in the place where they can use the newest advancements in technology to shape future generations in ways we still can’t foretell. They keep innovating to create a world better for everyone around them, not just themselves. They work to create jobs and careers for themselves where none was before. They’re innovative and headstrong and will keep moving mountains, as long as we keep setting up mountains before them to conquer.


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Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze is an entrepreneur and the Founder, CEO, Editor-In-Chief of Oaekpost, LLC, a U.S.-based online media company and the parent organization of He is a multi-niche writer with a wide range of interests in various genres. Agom-Eze is based in the Greater Seattle Area, Washington, and can be reached at

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The Motive of the Minutes – A Poem

Time is forever moving forward. You cannot stop it. Existing in time comes with its many encounters. It could birth happiness or sorrow; hence, we must never joke around with our time. However, the onus lies in you wisely investing our fleeting moments to have a glorious destiny. To find out more on the motive of time, please read all about it.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Time is forever moving forward. The fact is that yesterday is in the past. You cannot retrieve it again—it is gone forever. The fact remains that you cannot go back to yesterday. You only have now. Tomorrow is the future. However, the time you have is the only gift you possess to write the story of your fate and destiny. In the words of Geoffrey Chaucer, the English poet and author once said that “Time and tide wait for no man.” So, you must make good of every moment that you have and that you experience.  

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” — William Shakespeare.

Existing in time comes with its many encounters. It comes with its troubles and happiness. How we choose to tackle the moments we have always determines how we will spend the rest of the moments that we now have. Carl Sandburg, the American poet, biographer, journalist, and editor, once said that “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” How you spend the coin of time will determine how your life will pan out.   

Time has a motive—forward ever, backward never.

There is a motive in every second, minute, and hour that the Sages of Fate, Destiny, and Time give you. Understand every moment as you make the most of your time. The essence of this Poem, “The Motive of the Minutes,” is to inspire you to see the value of every moment you have. Be motivated as you read this verse to invest your seconds, which takes care of your minutes. Invest your minutes, which then takes care of the hours of your life and destiny. Let’s get down to the brass tracks as we add value to our minds via this piece. 

The Motive of the Minutes

Realize the value of the time that you have. Spend it wisely while you can.
There is a reason why time never stops—
Randomly bringing diverse encounters to different people
—the Sage of Fate deciding the encounters. 
People ending up in tears or with smiles— 
But it is only for a moment—ponder,
As the body is fragile—a wonder, 
And crying a long time would break it asunder.
—to the extent that is beyond repair airing—
As smiling for a long time would—quite exhilarating
—birthing self-entitlement and pride. 
So, Time has to keep running, taking strides—
The motive of the seconds, minutes, hours— 
To fast-flip the encounters— 
And keep the teeter-tottering balance— 
Maybe a little bit of sadness—
And a little bit of joy and gladness—
That would indeed be incredibly ideal, 
If it worked perfectly without a glitch. 
Humans being humans, 
Learning and leaning-in to toy around 
With the Sages of Fate, Time, and Destiny. 
And now we are left to deal 
With the aberrancies and mishaps 
Of human intervention— 
The unfair appropriation 
Of pain and joy— 
Dished out to the population 
And the Tsunami effects 
It brings with it.

* * *
Time has a mind of its own. We face it daily in how we spend the seconds, minutes, and hours.

Do not toy around with the Sages of Fate, Time, and Destiny—you may live to regret it or may not live to tell the story. You must be sensible to invest and spend your time wisely. Theophrastus, the Greek native of Eresos in Lesbos, was the successor to Aristotle in the Peripatetic school once said that “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” You must understand the value of time. Do all that you can to snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. Never allow idleness, laziness, or procrastination to destroy the value of the moments that you have. 

“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” — Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield.

Understand, as we saw in the poetic verse above, that the minutes have a motive. They are forever moving forward and will never stop. Understand this fact and always stay motivated to achieve the best that you are meant to accomplish today. Remember that the second minutes and the hours that you have now are a gift. How you spend them will determine the fate of your tomorrow and destiny. Respect the memories of yesterday. Do your very best to make the best of the time you have today. Finally, reap the rewards of a fruitful tomorrow.

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Under the Guise of the Quotidian Vizard – A Poem

Every day, people dress up and look spectacular, beautiful, and out of this world. The clothes only cover the body. Underneath everyone’s outer garments, wigs, makeup, the eyes will find flaws. The mind will always perceive our imperfections. To find out more, please read all about it.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Every day, people dress up and look spectacular, beautiful, and out of this world. The clothes only cover the body extremities. On many occasions, our exterior visage does not always give accurate reflections on the condition of our inner selves. We can dress nice and quickly fool those around us by portraying that we are alright where we are not. Underneath everyone’s outer garments, wigs, makeup, the eyes will find flaws. We do our very best as we go the extra mile to conceal what is hidden in our subconscious. We are masters in the art of camouflaging our imperfections and human weaknesses.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” — Abraham Lincoln.

The mind is always apt in the perception of our imperfections. One’s weakness or flaws is always kept hidden and away from the public. It is something that the individual is very conscious about and not always confident or comfortable about. As a result, we resort to cloaking our weaknesses as we continue to struggle with them to the detriment of our psyches and mental wellbeing. When people catch wind of our weaknesses, some people can be mean and use it to cause pain or grief to the one with the flaws or those close to that person. As such, we often resort to vizards (or masks) to keep our shortcomings away from prying eyes.

“…we often resort to vizards (or masks) to keep our shortcomings away from prying eyes.”

Every day, we cover our flaws with the mask of a comely exterior visage that all is well. The poem “Under the Guise of the Quotidian Vizard” is a profound poem that calls our attention to analyze the state of our subconscious wellbeing. As you read it, allow it to expose any mask you use to camouflage your actual condition. Join me as we delve into the depths of our souls as we explore this poem. Let’s go:

Under the Guise of the Quotidian Vizard

We often hide under the pretense that all is well with the metaphoric masks that shield our weaknesses.
My exterior is a vizard, 
—Deceptive as intended.
Beneath it are flaws 
That I have consciously 
Kept away from prying eyes— 
Working daily on them, 
To lessen the visibility of the blemish. 
Knowing that they are stuck on me for life— 
A part of me that makes me whole, 
And would not change— 
No matter how much I fight with demons 
—lurking behind them; 
Or banish the fear of them being discovered, 
And becoming an object to ridicule. 
I know I am far from perfect, 
But so is everyone else—
I still have a good side,
To complement the imperfections. 
I can only hope, 
That the ones close to me, 
Can stand me on a bad day— 
When the glitch makes me twitch 
Not hold me to ransom, 
Or drag me down— 
Realizing that the moment will pass, 
Understanding my weakness—
But see beneath all that 
—the goodness in me 
And accept my apologies.
For my shortcoming
—a very kind gesture 
I will not hesitate to reciprocate, 
When the tables are turned— 
Because I understand too well, 
That everyone too—
Walks around with a gremlin or two,
Underneath the camouflage of their exterior.

* * *
Don’t wear a mask over your subconscious. Be true to yourself.

If this poem were to be an antidote to the ailments of patients. Who are some of the patients that should look up to this poem for some healing? The simple answer is everyone. Not just those with aliments. Not just those who have gotten upset and lashed out. The verse above is a remedy for everyone that can feel pain, anger, and jealousy. It is for everyone that hears some hearsay or stray gossip. It is for everyone who has regretted a past action, hurt by someone—by a friend or family member.

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Once again, you must realize again that no one is perfect. We all have flaws—some covert, others overt. However, it is wrong to judge others by their weaknesses. We must never make fun of other people because of their shortcomings. Doing so makes people crawl into their shells, and it affects their mental wellbeing. In a Utopian state, we want to be able to live with an open subconscious. We never want to live camouflaging our lives with one mask of pretense at a time. Accept people for who they are. Don’t judge each time there is a misunderstanding. Let the steam cool off; everyone has a good side.

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Extraordinary – A Thrilling Poem to Ponder On

You have terrific hidden in you and something uncommon buried within your subconscious. There is something in you waiting for expression. You have something “extraordinary” buried within you, waiting to be discovered. The veil that separates you from being ordinary and extraordinary is hidden in the little extras that you do that adds up to become extraordinary things. To find out more, please read all about it.

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Be extraordinary! Be different! Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

To be extraordinary means that you are simply out of the ordinary. No one is born extraordinary from the womb. The difference between those who go from ordinary to exceptional rests on the function of that little extra. For instance, going the extra mile is what distinguishes ordinary men who deal with extraordinary circumstances. Everyone can become phenomenal at something; however, such distinction always comes with a price of extra effort. By seizing common occasions, you eventually become uncommon; by aligning with Extraordinary, you become extraordinary. 

“Ordinary is very easy to do, and it’s crowded. But the moment you put some extra into it, you become extraordinary.” — Rumbie Idayi.

Robin S. Sharma, the Canadian writer best known for his The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari book series, once said that “Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps consistently. Comes from making a few small chips against everything in your professional and personal life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that’s left is The Extraordinary.” From his assertion, we can see the need for consistency in taking little steps daily. The little steps keep adding up until you have a colossal pyramid of extraordinary achievements. So, do not despise the days of little beginnings. 

Do something extra to distinguish yourself.

Being ordinary or extraordinary can be likened to a pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid are many people who are just ordinary. However, as you begin to distinguish yourself, you start to ascend towards the top. The higher you climb, the fewer the people at the top become. The reason is that only a few people are willing to pay the price of distinction. This analogy is in concord with what Rumbie Idayi, a local artist in the Greater Seattle Area, said that “Ordinary is very easy to do, and it’s crowded. But the moment you put some extra into it, you become extraordinary.” Breakaway from the crowded bottom of the pyramid—put some extra into it! Do it repetitively and see yourself ascend and become extraordinary.

The poem “Extraordinary” was written on April 25th, 2005. You have everything it takes to be extraordinary, which is why I wrote this poem. It highlights various rudimentary things that the individual could do to ascend from the bottom of the pyramid to the uncommon heights of distinction. Read this poem with an open mind. As you do so, become committed and motivated to become an extraordinary person yourself. Let’s go ahead and survey this poem. 

Extraordinary—A Thrilling Poem to Ponder On

Be Extraordinary!
I am an extraordinary person,
I live in an extraordinary world—
I live amongst extraordinary people,
I have an extraordinary assignment.

I am an extraordinary person,
I belong to a very extraordinary club—
I live with many extraordinary privileges,
I have an extraordinary purpose and view.

I am an extraordinary person,
I am a man of extraordinary ideas and dreams—
I harvest many extraordinary thoughts,
I have a sprite and extraordinary desire.

I am an extraordinary person,
I live with an extraordinary drive—
I surge onward with extraordinary values,
I have extraordinary determination.

Let’s learn from the ants’ folks—they work hard and are brilliant as well.
I am an extraordinary person,
I am an extraordinary hard worker—
I resonate with an extraordinary vibe,
I have an extraordinary keg of diligence.

I am an extraordinary person,
I erupt with extraordinary optimism—
I reach for my extraordinary accolades,
I have an extraordinary press and desperation.

I am an extraordinary person,
I share some extraordinary responsibilities—
I also share many extraordinary rewards,
I have a shimmering and extraordinary home.

I am an extraordinary person,
I operate with many extraordinary laws—
I control extraordinary circumstances,
I have an extraordinary assignment.

Be extraordinary! Go from zero to hero!
I am an extraordinary person,
I operate in an extraordinary realm—
I command an extraordinary influence,
I have an extraordinary existence. 

I am an extraordinary person,
I come from an extraordinary country—
I embark on an extraordinary journey,
I must run an extraordinary race.

I am an extraordinary person,
I reign over an extraordinary empire—
I have an extraordinary array of subjects,
I have an extraordinary dominion of things

I am an extraordinary person,
I operate with an extraordinary currency—
I engage in an extraordinary trade,
I have an extraordinary destiny.

Distinguish yourselves! Be extraordinary!
I am an extraordinary person,
I have many extraordinary enemies—
I wield an extraordinary arsenal of weaponry,
I have many extraordinary powers potent. 

I am an extraordinary person,
I am in league with an extraordinary Friend—
I have an extraordinary life because He lives,
I have an extraordinary bond with Him.

I am an extraordinary person,
I effuse extraordinary words all day—
I make minds ponder in an extraordinary way,
I have an extraordinary word-clout without sway.

I am an extraordinary person,
I will remain an extraordinary person—
I will lead an extraordinary life,
I will say goodnight in an extraordinary way.

I am extraordinary—are you?

Exert yourself to escape the ordinary! Become extraordinary!

“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.” — Jean Houston.

We can do that little extra to become extraordinary. In the poem above, certain nuggets have been highlighted. The world is there for the taking as notable people—we all have a privileged assignment that we can discover. We all have a specific purpose and sundry potentials that we can unearth. To become extraordinary, we must become passionate, hard-working, diligent, and optimistic. Life is a race, and you must make your time here remarkable. You have a great destiny ahead of you, and you play a significant role if you want it to be extraordinary. Amid all these equations, God has the most crucial role in making that awesome happen. Via the word-clout of this poem, I am bringing the motivation to you to become extraordinary. Be extraordinary!

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The Never Relent Decalogue—A Rune to Muse On

Everyone has an ambition, whether positive or negative. To accomplish your life goals and objectives requires that you be relentless, patient, and hard-working. That is the only way you can be successful in attaining the heights of your life adventures. To find out more, peruse the lines of this rune to gain more insight. Please read all about it.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Every one of us has dreams and ambitions. For plans to come to fruition, you must be relentless and dedicated to achieving your goals. You must persist in fulfilling your aspirations. In the words of Bill Bradley, an American politician and former professional basketball player, “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” Being persistent is what will keep your dreams alive. It is an ingredient alongside faith, loyalty, courage, self-belief, perseverance, patience, selflessness, vision, focus, hard work, and thorough dedication to helping you achieve your goals. 

“Whatever you do, do with determination. You have one life to live; do your work with passion and give your best. Whether you want to be a chef, doctor, actor, or a mother, be passionate to get the best result.” — Alia Bhatt.

Whatever you do, do with determination, and ensure that desire remains the key to your motivation. Your dreams, goals, ambitions don’t just come out of thin air—it happens via relentless pursuit that does not easily give up. You must sweat it out as you embrace determination and hard work. Pay the price to eat the metaphorical rice of purpose. “The Never Relent Decalogue,” written on August 2nd, 2005, is a motivational poem to spur you on to never give up. Stay focused and stay determined and push forward to achieve your life dreams and ambitions. Let’s delve into this poem as we unearth the nuggets buried in its message. Let’s go:

The Never Relent Decalogue—A Rune to Muse On

Believe that you can, and you will!
Never relent in staying on the solid and smooth-soothing, straw and shimmering, pathways of soaring success.

Never relent in trusting God to shoot you to the topmost top of your teeming, thriving, and triumphant dignified destiny.

Never relent in staying faithful, focused, and forceful, e’er forever your fecund dreams aptly attacking and capturing.

Never relent in accessing and readily relishing the depths of God’s cauldron-ken of health, wealth, and wisdom-well.

Never relent in gathering all the rosebuds of promise and destiny while the sun still shines and while you still may pronto.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying.” Culled from Robert Herrick’s (1591-1674) Poem, “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time.”
Never relent in laboring long to lay hold on the wholly grand and gleaming promises present God has promised you today.

Never relent in shunning all thoughts of numbing-negatively-never-laying in the narcoleptic-inducing-arms of pessimism.

Never relent in pursuing your God-given golden dreams dazzling, never at all saying never, but always forever saying ever.

Never relent in waltzing, walking, and working hand-in-hand with the reviving optimistic arms of Pollyannaism utmost.

Never relent in keeping on your purpose light, trusting God to keep you keeping on as you embark on your life-purpose flight.

Victory awaits the Relentless!

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” — Vince Lombardi.

The message and soul of this poem are clear. Be persistent and never give up. Stay on course on the paths of your dreams. Aim high and work hard to get to the apex of your life goals and ambitions. Embrace knowledge and wisdom as you forge onwards. Act in the now and never lag. Don’t allow negativism to cripple your efforts in your journey to become—be positive always as you shun all fatalism. May the lines of this rune give you wings as you fly high to the heights of your goals and objectives!

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I Loose Myself—A Verse to Think On

Many people hold themselves back from achieving their very best. Could it be fear or just ignorance that prevents people from achieving their life design? In the words of the great Bob Marley, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” Allow this poem to help you emancipate your mind. Please read all about it and discover more on this note.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Many people hold themselves back from achieving their very best. Could it be fear or just ignorance that prevents people from achieving their life design? Many people bind themselves with the chains of a limited mindset. Why defeat yourself before you even start? Why beat yourself down before you even attempt anything? Many questions run through our minds on why we cripple our becoming before we even try to become. Continuing this path is very limiting. Staying on this course only shipwrecks our purpose and the reason for our brief existence in this macrocosm.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” — Bob Marley.

Written on March 10, 2005, this poem aims to deliver a liberating message. It urges us to loose ourselves from every shackle that binds us from expressing our true essence. Read this verse and become motivated to gain direction. Become persistent in the pursuit, finding, and execution of your Why. Embrace change as you digest these lines and the meanings that ring a bell in your mind. Liberate yourself with all the dedication that you can muster. Become the best that you can ever become. Loose the chains that bind your becoming. Let’s delve into the poem:  

I Loose Myself—A Verse to Think On

Loose yourself!
Unleashing the fecund facts of our today,
I release myself and that without sway—
I loose myself cert and steady all the way.

Unraveling the resonant reasons of our reflections,
I apply myself to my ensuring essence and election—
I loose myself cert and steady with a direction.

Loose yourself and gain a direction.
Unveiling the musing mystery of our existence,
I engage myself to my purpose with persistence—
I loose myself cert and steady with consistence.

Uncovering the bounty black gold of our purpose,
I shroud myself with the carte blanche-cloak called pathos—
I loose myself cert and steady I metamorphose.

* * *
Unmasking the rolling revelation of our manifestation,
I enroot myself via the facts of my foundations—
I loose myself cert and steady with dedication.

Unearthing the teeming treasures of our tomorrow,
I thrust myself deeper double-time discovering gold—
I loose myself cert and steady straw and aglow.

* * *
Discover the gold in you!
Untying the brawny bounds of our boons,
I swing myself to the rhythm of the tune—
I loose myself cert and steady so soon.

Unloading the certified cargoes of our benefits,
I shield myself from charlatans and hypocrites—
I loose myself cert and steady to the summit.

* * *
“I loose myself cert and steady to the summit.”
Unfolding the vast tapestry of our fancy favors,
I garb myself forthwith in feat-fitting feathers-favors—
I loose myself cert and steady through my labors.

I release myself; I apply myself; I engage myself,
I shroud myself; I enroot myself, I thrust myself,
I swing myself; I shield myself; I garb myself—

I loose myself!

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it—basically, because you feel good, very good when you are near or with them.” — Charles Bukowski.

Emancipate yourself from the mental shackles of non-progress. Allow the words of this verse to free your minds to become the best version of yourself. Allow the Spirit-Wind of this poem to breathe on your mind. Let it liberate you from the chains that restrain your psyche and mental wellbeing. Charles Bukowski, the German-American poet, novelist, and short-story writer, once said that “The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it—basically, because you feel good, very good when you are near or with them.” In the Spirit of this verse, I urge you to embrace the rarity of soulish freedom and loose yourself. Become the rich fragrance of goodness that satisfies all. 

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A Get Down with the Enemy—A Poem to Pore Over

It’s natural of humans to be afraid, but don’t let fear overpower you with its charms by giving you reasons why you can’t achieve your dreams. “A Get Down with the Enemy” is a poem explaining how fear comes into our lives to dance with us. Fear lures us away from our purpose, life goals, and dreams. It hinders us from self-realization and limits our ability to evolve. To discover more, please read all about it.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. It is an experience everyone faces at one point or the other, especially when achieving our dreams. Fear could manifest unconsciously and manipulate you into holding back when you’re supposed to make a move. Sometimes, fear can be charming, seducing you to lose yourself and deny your dreams because you are running away from failure. 

“Fear is an idea-crippling, experience-crushing, success-stalling inhibitor inflicted only by yourself.” — Stephanie Melish.

When it comes to achieving your purpose or your dreams, a lot of factors could hinder you from taking bold steps, and these factors are being channeled by fear. Of course, environmental factors and certain situations can make you keep living within the status quo, but fear can keep you bound to it without a positive change in your life. Allowing fear to make significant decisions in your life is like dancing with the enemy. You dance until you’re lost; time and chance pass you by, and nothing changes. 

A Get Down with the Enemy 

Getting cozy with Mr. Fear. A no-no.
The clock ticks are faster as I sit on my goals, stitching my dreams with a thin thread of hope. The weight of my dreams is causing the needle of my reality to get twisted. My heartbeat is in constant competition with the clock as they wrestle to win a race against time—time to accelerate and evolve. One second, the sun brightens the road that leads to the journey I am to undertake, and another moment, the black, gloomy sky threatens the sun. While I wait for the perfect time to dress up on my dreams to embark on a journey that could change my life forever, here he comes. 
He looks stunning in his two-piece suit that sits well on his fit body. When the sun comes up, it makes his skin glow, and when it rains, it makes his hair smooth. Here I sit, mesmerized by his awesomeness as he takes my right hand, puts a kiss on it, and asks me on a date where we could dance beneath the stars. Why should I turn down a charming request that seems to put a standstill on the earth’s rotation in its orbits? So, I pick up a hanger and hang my dreams in the wardrobe of life as I get busy preparing to dance with this stranger.
“I look into the mirror. I am not sure if it’s my reflection, I see…”
I look into the mirror. I am not sure if it’s my reflection, I see; it’s all a blur. I am not sure how I look, but the red dress is seemingly suitable. I look pretty or maybe not, pondering. Waiting for me by the doorstep, he takes me by the hand and leads me away from staring at the carriage, waiting to take me on a journey. “I have always wanted to dance with you. I wouldn’t want you to leave my sight,” he says. “Come away with me—let us relish the moments as we forget all things—losing ourselves in love.” Under the charm of his gaze, we rode towards the mountains across the rolling meadows yonder. 

So, he takes me to the hilltop under the moonlight as we dance under the stars speckled in the tapestry and canvas of night. He takes control of every move. He leads the dance every step of the way and sway. The more we dance, the further away we move from my existence. Something seems to be missing somewhere. I’m carried away and blinded by his charms so much that I lose myself. My heart starts beating as he dances with me away from the hilltop into a depth of the unknown. His dance steps change, the music changes, and everything is moving so fast, but his charms remain.
“I’m carried away and blinded by his charms so much that I lose myself.”
No, I hate this dance of failure. I hate this music of impossibilities. I can’t listen to the lyrics of regrets. So, I am changing the music and taking charge of the dance to have it my way. Gentleman isn’t gentle anymore; he still wants to take control of the dance as I try to dance out of the unknown to the reality of who I am. I’m strong, fierce, confident, courageous, determined, and an achiever. He tried to make me forget who I was and took advantage of my garment of torn dreams that I was trying to stitch. He swayed me away from my journey with his charms, ah, I’ve been dancing with the enemy. 

I’m dancing to the beats of a battle I’m about to win. My heels ache because I’ve been dancing to win, but Mr. Gentleman isn’t tired! So, he tries to bruise my heels, so I feel more pain and bends in weakness with my knees on sharp pieces of igneous rock. I pull off my heels, prepared to win this dance battle in bare feet even though I could feel some piercing in my skin. I don’t mind the pain; I just want to win. I am dancing till I switch the music to a song of victory. The victory is so sure that I no longer feel my bruises.
“I don’t mind the pain; I just want to win. I am dancing till I switch the music to a song of victory.”
Where is he? Like the smoke that vanishes with the wind, he’s gone with the wind. He is nowhere to be found—he’s FEAR. He comes to the vulnerable with his charms and dances with them away from themselves and their dreams. A dance with fear is a part of my journey to growth because he was there when the sun was shining and when the dark, gloomy cloud threatened the sun. Defeating Mr. Gentleman was very necessary to embracing my journey ahead as I constantly wear my garment of dreams that my journey will unveil as I keep evolving with time.

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.” — Napoleon Hill.

Fear has a way of charming us away from who we really are and from whom we could become. It incapacitates us from going for our dreams. Fear has a way of making us unsure of our current situation. It makes us forget our why or purpose in the now. May we break away from the sway of fear’s charm. May we dance our way to victory and start our journey of winning.  

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Gen-Z Niche

15 Gen Zers You Need to Know

Gen Zers are firmly becoming the most outspoken, outgoing, and innovative set of people existing on the face of the earth. Here are 15 Gen Zers that you need to know. Please read about it here.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Gen Z, famously known as the “Digital Natives.” A way to say that these were the babies born into a world of Tech. This group includes people who were born between 1995 and 2010. The fact establishes that the oldest Gen Zer’s will be twenty-six years while the youngest will be eleven years. Being born Digital Natives, Gen Zers tend to depend on Tech for their day-to-day living. 

“In an era of fake news, and the filter bubble, [Gen Z is] also more likely to be able to push through the noise. . . Not only are they able to consume more information than any group before, but they have also become accustomed to cutting through it. They are perhaps the most brand-critical, bulls***-repellent, questioning group around and will call out any behavior they dislike on social media. (Little wonder brands are quaking in their boots).” — Lucie Greene.

Also known as the “Soro Soke” (i.e., the Yoruba phrase meaning, Speak Out) generation, Gen Zers are known to have a solid inclination to change, whether it’s socially, politically, or economically. They are not afraid to make their desires known and fight for them in any way that they can. 

15 Gen Zers You Need to Know

The qualities of the “Speak Out” or Gen Z Generation!

Some major words that best describe Gen Zs are—practical, independent, entrepreneurial, realistic, visual, grounded, sophisticated, stout, industrious, pop culture leaders, reasonable, organized, driven by security, and to mention but a few. You can see more of their qualities in the image above. There are people in this generation making waves. Here’s a list of 15 Gen Zers you need to be on the lookout for as we monitor the growth and progress of this generation. Who are they? Let’s find out more. Let’s go:

#1. Elsa Majimbo

Photo Credit: Mohamed Abdulrahman; Retrieved from Elsa Majimbo Facebook Page

When the pandemic struck, and we were forced to stay indoors, Elsa Majimbo came through for us with her funny videos, crunching chips, and giving us wise words. The World was watching. After the pandemic, Elsa moved from a social media sensation to working with Fenty, MAC, and Valentino brands. In the words of Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze, “Your fun and comfort zone can easily become your fame and income zone.”

#2. Madeline Stuart

In 2015 Madeline became the first person with Downs Syndrome to be a professional model. The twenty-four years old model didn’t allow her condition to keep her from strutting towards her dreams. Also, an advocate for people living with disabilities, Madeline is a beacon of hope. Always learn to carry yourself with confidence, and it can become your redefinition point.

#3. June Syowia

Photo Credit: June Syowia Facebook

The twenty-six-year-old entrepreneur is the CEO of Belies Group, a digital and marketing agency that has worked with well-known brands in Kenya. She believes in creating a lasting impact through business. We cannot wait to see the awesome things she’ll do. Your belief can change your destiny.

#4. Matthew Asir

On his way to becoming an Astrophysics major, Matthew came into the limelight to create the Tech startup, The Legal Bullet, which offers immigration services efficiently and affordably. Matthew has also been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 for this brilliant idea-turned company. 

#5. Greta Thunberg

The name Greta Thunberg is not new to anyone big on climate matters. The eighteen years environmental activist has become a global sensation. In 2019, she was named Times Magazine person of the year, for her passion for climate change has started a global movement that demands us to do better in regard to our environment. Your passion can pave the paths to your greater growth and achievement. What are you passionate about in your life quest? Hone that passion like Greta Thunberg.

#6. Malala Yousafzai

Photo Credit: Getty Images, New York Post

When the Taliban stopped girls from schooling, Malala decided to speak out. Her actions made her a target, and in October 2012, Ehsanullah Ehsan, the former Pakistan Taliban spokesman, shot Malala in the head. She survived, and this made her resolve to support education for girls stronger. At seventeen, she was the youngest to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Today, Malala still fights for Girls’ education via her foundation, The Malala Fund. According to Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze, “Your resolve can be your rise.”

#7. Dare Adekoya

If you’re Nigerian, then it’s likely that you’ve heard the buzz about “The Abeg app”—an app where you can give and receive money with the use of phone numbers. What’s most impressive is the uniqueness of the app’s user interface. Dare Adekoya, a product designer who has worked with many well-known brands, founded the app. There are no limits to what you can achieve. If you believe you can, then you definitely can achieve it.

#8. Simone Biles

Photo Credit: Simone Biles Facebook

You can’t help but be enthralled as you watch this gymnast flip, twirl, and summersault. Her grace is just one of the many reasons why she’s loved. The twenty-four years old is currently the most awarded gymnast ever. Simone also holds the record for the greatest gymnast of all time. She is an inspiration to us all to reach for our highest goals and aspirations. She has recently become a mental health advocate. All things are possible to those who believe and reach for their highest goals.

#9. Jake Paul

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

YouTube remains the primary source of entertainment for Gen Zers. With over 20 million subscribers, Jake Paul is a leading voice on YouTube. His videos have garnered over 6 billion views. Apart from being a YouTuber, Jake Paul is also a professional boxer. You can take your passion from the bottom to the top. Be you!

#10. Marley Dias

Photo Credit: Marley Dias Facebook

I first discovered Marley in 2015 when she started her book drive. She was tired of reading books about white boys and their dogs and decided to do something about it by collecting books with black female characters for other girls to read. You can read more on her campaigns via her platform, Marley Dias. She grew to have a show on Netflix, becoming an editor for an online magazine and writing a book, Marley Dias Get’s It Done. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind on to achieve. 

#11. Lydia Ko

Photo Credit: LPGA

At age five, Lydia started playing golf. By seventeen, she became the first golfer to be the Number 1 in Pro Golf at a young age. She has had twenty-one professional wins. Lydia is said to be representing New Zealand at this year’s Olympics. You are never too young or too old to start accomplishing great things. Unleash yourself like Ms. Ko.

#12. Hanu Fejiro Agbodje

Photo Credit: Patricia

Being entrepreneurial comes to Hanu naturally. At eight years, he sold popcorn and mobile phone recharge cards. He’d go through school carrying out different business ventures. He put his Mathematics and Statistics degree to use by creating Patricia, a Fintech company that allows you to trade gift cards and more. In 2019, his company had transactions of over ₦10 billion (i.e., $27.4 million, at the Dollar to Naira exchange rate for 2019). You can ascend to the throne of more extraordinary achievements from humble beginnings. Never despise the days of little beginnings. 

#13. Kylian Mbappe

Commonly known by football watchers, Kylian made his professional debut at sixteen. In 2018, he won the award for FIFA World Cup Best Young Player. The twenty-two years old is among the World’s highest-paid athletes. Celebrity Net Worth establishes his net worth at $95 million. Your skills can give you wings to take flight and go places. 

#14. Lana Condor

Photo Credit: Lana Condor Website

She is famous for her role as Lara Jean Covey in the popular movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Lara has become a favorite among movie watchers (myself included). She’s not only an actress but a producer as well. We cannot wait to see all the fantastic art she’ll create in the future. Your creativity can make all the difference in the World. 

#15. Korty Eo

Photo Credit: Korty Eo Facebook

Korty is a Nigerian-based filmmaker. She quit her modeling career to create in the motion picture world. As a fast-growing YouTuber, she currently has over 67K subscribers and counting. Her videos have a relaxing and easy feel to them. She is a Gen Zer worth looking out for in the future. It always pays to take risks. It looks like her risk is paying off. 

“But a new generation is on the rise, and the first step to communicating with them is understanding they aren’t just another Millennial.” — Pamela La Gioia.

From this list, we can note that Gen Zers are entrepreneurial. Some say it’s due to the Economy they were born in, to say the very list. They are also big on contributing towards social responsibility. Like Pamela has said, they are not “another Millennial.” They are themselves, and we should pay attention to that. The list in this listicle is in no way exhaustive. Are there some Gen Zers/Millennials that you would have loved to see in this list? Do let us know in the comment section below. 

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Near and Dear – Episode XII

Near and Dear is a fictional story of Ikenna Obi Okonkwo, a college graduate who neglected the opportunities of picking up usable skills alongside academics while in college in Nigeria—where a college degree alone no longer makes the bold promise of placing food on the table. His graduation was an awakening to the ugly realities of societal difficulties. Could he ever get a chance at life, save a miracle of some sort happened? Clenching tenaciously to reverence, honor, morals, values, and persistence, he caught a break via newfound relationships, love, and lessons as he began to breathe a new air of success and relief. You want to know more, follow along.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

I was utterly at a loss as to what to make of or say to her. But from that second, it became expressly clear to me that I did not even know the very least thing about Iyabo’s personality. To be honest, I have judged her relatively too fast and, I have done it wrongly. I was moved by her gesture so much that I wasn’t aware that tears had welled up in my eyes and trickled sluggishly down my cheeks.

“The twin feelings of brokenness and shyness were so abundant that I had to tilt my face down momentarily, to screen the emotional weakness and vulnerability of the moment.”

The twin feelings of brokenness and shyness were so abundant that I had to tilt my face down momentarily, to screen the emotional weakness and vulnerability of the moment. I quickly pulled a hankie and blew my nose into it noisily. She perfectly understood how I felt and took a walk to allow me time to pull myself together—another pack of goodness she just unveiled as I looked in her direction.

Ikenna looking at Iyabo’s direction.

I followed her at a comfortable distance to the carports. Iyabo wore a black Yunclos Women’s Elegant two-piece office lady suit set work blazer pant set. She looked elegant in it. She then mounted her-fragile-self on a six inched heels Sam Edelman Women’s Yaro Classic Dress Sandal, although she appeared comfortable. That was not all. She also looked exquisite, elegant. Her signature sweet fragrance, Angel By Thierry Mugler For Women, filled my nose as I walked behind her.

She chose the car we rode in yesterday, repeated her usual I-want-to-drive-out-rituals without any identifiable alteration—dabbed the center of the steering wheel twice politely, signifying her desire to have the gate opened. The gateman was swift in opening the gate ajar as we left. She drove us to Akoi.

“She parked the car several feet away from the company’s parking lot, took my right hand, bowed her head, and prayed.” Prayer changes everything. 

By 7:30 am, we had gotten to Widenberg. She parked the car several feet away from the company’s parking lot, took my right hand, bowed her head, and prayed. “Dear God, we love you and appreciate the life you have given, please Lord, grant that today marks a new beginning in our lives, in Jesus’ name…Amen,” she prayed. “Best of luck, Iykay,” she said with a smile on her face.

Immediately, feeling swung from that of contumacy to great respect for her. I was still too embarrassed to look her in the face. However, I managed to mutter an amen after hers and alighted from the car. I leaned on the car door with my backside to press the door shut, folding my arm across my chest.

“It was a rush hour. Workers were steaming out of the park entrance to the office complex on the other side of the road.”

It was a rush hour. Workers were steaming out of the park entrance to the office complex on the other side of the road. A traffic warden motioned the cars to stand still, then beckoned on workers who trooped across for a few minutes before the warden let loose the line that had pegged back many vehicles. While the next bunch gathered and waited to be freed by the officer, Iyabo swung into action.

She opened the cardboard paper displaying the inscription she had made on it the previous day. She unashamedly held it to the crowd’s faces—the workers—employees, business owners, company executives, etc. Dinking them, ‘good morning sir, good morning ma’am, good morning…,’ passing infectious smiles on her face to them, with them reciprocating in kind at her debonair disposition and zeal.

Iyabo’s smile…always infectious!

“Oh my God, is this it? How could I not have thought of something this extraordinarily crazy? I questioned myself. My respect for her hiked yet again. I became very embarrassed that I couldn’t conceive anything outside the usual writing of application letters and going for interviews. “Little wonder she accused me of doing too little to get a job,” reminiscing on her previous comments on this note.

I was engrossed in this thought when she bellowed, “Iyk come with me.” That brought me back to alertness. She was already locked up in a conversation with a stout-looking Asian man who bounced like a tennis ball as he walked. I crossed over, ran a few steps to catch up, for they had gone ahead. I drew close and listened intently.

Mr. Jin picks interest in Iyabo and Ikenna. He wants to learn more concerning Ikenna’s qualifications.

“Mr. Jin, this is Ikenna, my partner,” she said rather tersely. The man held both palms together over his face, lowered his head a bit which I reciprocated duly. He snapped almost immediately, engaged two other black men in our company I suspected were business partners. He spoke battered, incoherent English with confusing gesticulations. Iyabo quickly seized the minute to update me on what I missed seconds before I joined them. “Mr. Jin believes we are partners, okay. My part, which is basically to grab the attention, has been played. The next phase is over to you, and I trust you can deliver,” she gently picked and caressed my left palm to bolster my confidence.

“Yeah, sure I will…Thank you…” I reaffirmed confidently. She shushed the other words I was about to say back into my mouth as Mr. Jin turned to be sure we were with him. We joined him and other men in the elevator to the twentieth floor. He asked that we sit in the reception hall while he bounced away. A couple of minutes on, he appeared and motioned us to come.

“He asked that we sit in the reception hall while he bounced away.”

“You… architect?” He mouthed, compressing his brow and nodding his head in a way he hoped had signified a good, which I presumed he was supposed to use to fill in the gap between his “you and architect.” It was my moment, so I took up the job from there as tipped by Iyabo earlier. However, she was still very much needed, though in the capacity of something in the semblance of an emergency interpreter of the English into English still, to say the least. 

Mr. Jin posed me a few instant questions, looking fixedly into my eyes, and I approved I made the grade on the paper. He nodded pleasingly, excused himself, and walked out of the room again. In minutes, Mr. Jin was back and led us away from the floor to the base of the building. He had come to Widenberg for some business engagements. He explained. Therefore, we were to go to his office. Iyabo interpreted, although I did not need an interpretation to this one. Mr. Jin said that in a way that sounded off accurately the bit of the English we knew while working on his laptop and answering calls as they came in while we commuted to his office.

Mr. Jin working on his laptop as we commuted to his office.

His driver revved the engine; we drove off, with Iyabo trailing in the Range Rover. Mr. Jin tried to familiarize himself with me, but it was difficult now that our lingo co-adjutor and mediator, Iyabo, was gone. I didn’t see him wanting to converse; I would have had Iyabo come with us in his car. However, I was to attach more meanings to all he said than the first time; after all, it was still English that he was speaking. 

His driver drove with tact as he wove through the city traffic. It never ceases to amaze me how busy the city could get during the rush hours. It did not take us too long to arrive at the office, luckily the traffic wasn’t as bad. We alighted from his car at the front of the building while we briefly waited for Iyabo to catch up with us after parking the car in the visitor’s parking spot. We entered the building, found the elevator, and went up to his company floor.

“We entered the building, found the elevator, and went up to his company floor.”

In his office, he offered both tea and coffee, but we politely declined both. He fiddled through my documents—resume and architectural portfolio. He asked me more questions to gauge my understanding of construction documents or working drawings, estimations, spatial designs, etc. He also proceeded to assess my knowledge of CAD (i.e., Computer-Aided-Drafting), which I gladly scaled. Thanks to the fact of constantly brushing myself up on ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoDesk 3D, etc., while I was waiting to land myself a job. My answers and knowledge levels were on point, definitely giving a thumbs up to the qualification he saw on paper on my resume. He nodded approvingly.

He offered me a five-year contract to join his architectural team currently in the process of designing a sleuth of structures in Nigeria and abroad. They were developing and in line to build four hotels in the six major cities in Nigeria. Four of such are in Ghana and thirteen in South Africa. He also offered a contract renewal at its expiration or make the contract permanent if I desired and be part of the stakeholders, ceteris paribus, provided there was a mutual concord concerning the terms of the agreement. He espoused that the level of skill that he saw in my portfolio and listening to the answers to the questions would only be a plus to his commercial architectural team. 

“He offered me a five-year contract to join his architectural team currently in the process of designing a sleuth of structures in Nigeria and abroad.”

“My partner and I would be most pleased if you could allow us some time to go through the terms and then get back to you within a short interval,” Iyabo quickly interjected before I could give an answer. “Sure, sure…reasonable; I look forward to hear back from you soon,” he asserted in his choppy English. “Time kee you dia!” I whispered the moment Iyabo ended her statement. She took and rubbed my palm gently under the table where we sat facing Mr. Jin. I held my nerves as much as I could muster the courage.

…to be continued.

Watch out for “Near and Dear – Episode XIII” on Oaekpost.

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In the Moment! — A Poem to Ruminate On

Our lives are a culmination of moments. It could be good moments or bad ones. We must cherish the moments that make up our lives. We must learn from negative ones and relish the positive ones. Open your heart to the words of this poem to learn from the nuggets hidden within its lines. Read, feel, believe, and receive!

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Do you ever stop to ask yourself, why? Do you ever wonder how? Of course, we all do ask ourselves these questions, don’t we? Unfortunately, we all do have our moments in life—moments of joy, pain, trials, and happiness. We experience moments where we feel like we’ve had enough. We also experience moments where we feel like, “I can’t take this anymore.” Sometimes, we also experience moments of jubilation and achievement. Our lives are indeed a kaleidoscope of many hues of moments.

“…the choices we make in the many “moments” we experience are paramount and can define the rest of our lives.” — Uju Chukwuma.

Because moments can indeed be daunting, it presents itself with no clear roadmap or perhaps no roadmap at all in most circumstances. However, the choices we make in the many “moments” we experience are paramount and can define the rest of our lives. Hence, we must pay due diligence in making the best out of each moment we experience. Moments are like seasons. They are there to remind us that our lives are not in our hands and that we have little or no control over what can or what happens in our lives. This poem is coming to you to encourage you to see the light even in the darkest tunnel. I hope you enjoy reading this piece. 

In the Moment

Live in the moment. It is today that you have; tomorrow is not certain.
In the moment of grief, be encouraged and know that it happened for a reason and brief—
In the moment of pain, smile and reflect on its lessons time and time again—
In the moment of trials of fate, be patient because indeed it has an expiration date—
In the moment of sadness, count your blessings and be thankful with gladness.

In the moment of glee, don’t hesitate to embrace it indeed— 
In the moment of peace and more, don’t be the one to cause an uproar—
In the moment of love, enjoy it and learn to love back with truelove—
In the moment of happiness, remember to share it around sans any scrappiness.

Take out time to relax, rewind, and unwind.
In the moment of stress, take out time to relax, rewind and remind yourself that life is one step at a time at best—
In the moment of dismay, ride the waves of life and await its result come what may—
In the moment of challenges and tests, roll up your sleeves and remind yourself, you are more than capable at best—
In the moment of change, embrace it and join the dance beats engaged.

In the moment of hard work, don’t entertain distractions and lazy talks; keep your focus up—
In the moment of work, remember that toil does not kill; it only makes you wiser and strong like a rock— 
In the moment of success, laugh like a child and laugh hard; after all, you worked hard for it, so don’t digress—
In the moment of receiving, remember that it is likewise good to give perceiving.
“In the moment of success, laugh like a child and laugh hard; after all, you worked hard for it, so don’t digress—”
In the moment of errors and mistakes, remember that no one was born perfect; we all make mistakes—
In the moment of anger, hold back and don’t think retaliation; please bury the rancor—
In the moment of fear, put on the armor of faith, knowing that you can overcome and then some—
In the moment of offense, learn to forgive; after all, you’ve also hurt someone in the past tense.

In the moment of loneliness-mood, reach out to someone; remember, someone somewhere needs your company and kindness too. 
In the moment of war, let unity, love, strength, and peace be the things you care for—
In the moment of ill-health, don’t be drowned by fear; everything’s going to be alright, that’s wealth—
In the moment of lack, be sure to welcome the help, and you will comeback.
“In the moment of ill-health, don’t be drowned by fear; everything’s going to be alright, that’s wealth—”
In the moment of misconceptions, proving them wrong should be your interception—
In the moment of failure, don’t quit; you never know; you may just succeed in the subsequent trial of lore—
In the moment of recovery, know that it will be slow, pretty steady, but not business as usual; it’s more of a discovery— 
In the moment of learning, pat yourself on the back for every milestone achieved discerning.

In the moment you feel like crying out loud, don’t hold back the tears; let it roll down; you may just feel better afterward—
In the moment you feel like shouting, a scream might just do the job without doubting—
In the moment you feel like punching something or someone out, take a chill pill, go for a run and shake it off, for that is clout—
In the moment you feel trapped, float and soar high with your wings spread and steadily flapped.
“In the moment you feel trapped, float and soar high with your wings spread and steadily flapped.”
In the moment of insecurity, remember you are perfect just the way you are, so shun insecurity— 
In the moment of depression, remember you’re not alone; stand tall in ascension—
In the moment of regret, don’t dwell on the bad; think of the good, and the bad forget—
In the moment of confusion, as blurry as it may, think it over, better still, talk it over; it will indeed become clearer in conclusion. 

In the moment of laughter, relish the tonic of its wholistic effect; you might want to take it often hereafter.
In the moment of fulfillment, be proud of it but don’t take it to a boastful stage of entitlement—
In the moment of relaxation, put your feet up with a cuppa, for that is a jolly good station—
In the moment of enjoyment, indulge in the fun as your tasteful self-employment.
“In the moment of relaxation, put your feet up with a cuppa, for that is a jolly good station.”
In the moment of waiting, don’t be out onto the runway; patience is the key here; you never know; it may just come through another runway. Wait for it! I am stating—
In the moment of brokenness, don’t give up; it will all come together one day; please don’t mind my outspokenness—
In the moment of disappointment, re-strategize and try again, and success will be your appointment— 
In the moment of embarrassment, make a joke out of it and find someone to laugh it over with; it’s all excitement. 

In the moment when you feel stranded, let your imagination run wild, for you will indeed find a solution granted—
In the moment when you feel moody, you can make someone’s day with a smile, so don’t be broody—
In the moment when you feel surprised, be grateful for the people you are surrounded by, your happiness harmonized—
In the moment when you feel idle, don’t limit yourself; get your hands busy, and never be suicidal.
“Take every moment by the horn. Subdue it. Dominate it and live your best life ever.” — Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze.
In the moment of victory, celebrate your wins and take the vibrant lap of victory—
In the moment of newness, don’t despise new beginnings as you show your trueness—
In the moment of quietness, be still; enjoy the moment and listen to your inner spirit in stillness—
In the moment of realization, know that it is the story of your new dawn narration.

Appreciate each moment as it happens; life itself is too short—live in the moment. 

“Take every moment by the horn. Subdue it. Dominate it and live your best life ever.” — Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze.

Your life is a culmination of many moments. What you make of each moment will define what your life will eventually become. It is time to be happy. It is time for you to relish every moment you still have the opportunity to experience. Internalize the rudimentary gist of this poetry—live in the moment. Make sure that you enjoy the little things that life brings your way. Cherish every moment that Your Maker blesses you with. Make the best of every moment.

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Espionage Games – A Poem

Sleuthing, snooping, spooking, or spotting—whatever name it bears; stems from the quest for global supremacy and insatiable thirst for power in the community of nations. They are watching themselves at the highest clandestine levels, employing espionage’s many dimensions to gather highly classified intelligence information. Yet not known by many, it is a top-notch intelligence network—available to all but seen and understood only by a few with a higher level of understanding and perception. In the world of espionage, you never know who is watching. Find out more via this mind-intriguing poem.

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Photography

Eyeballing the nations, the global hawk-eyes of the grandmaster sleuths are in the skies peeping and prying; they are observing, watching, and listening. The winged techno-aves from a high macrocosmic vantage point are soaring and orbiting, mapping, and imaging, and a mega cartload of information aggregating. From the Air, Land, and Sea, the cosmopolitan panopticon yet strong remaining; from sundry standpoints e’er snowballing. The imperial hunt for an all-encompassing supremacy is now continuing, and the rat race for cosmic dominance is now triggering. Unearthing the rudimentary treasuries of espionage; unmasking the many faces of reconnoiter games. They stand accordingly and dart increasingly, the quest for Intelligence, of sheer magnificence.

So unassuming, they blend into everyday lives. But they are still observing.

Sleuthing, snooping, and spotting, they are Sherlock Holming, James Bonding, Jackie Chan-ing, and Bourne Identifying. Brandishing and employing their multifarious technologies yet, the Mysterious Skein of Lowdown now weaving and exhibiting, their intelligence muscles now flexing. They are Capturing Intelligence Always; they are Milking Intelligence 6 times. Their diverse Kens Greatly Building; they are Managing Observations, Scouting, Scrutinizing And Discovering leads; it’s Semper occtulus, that’s the game, and it is what it is—always secret. Unearthing the rudimentary treasuries of espionage; unmasking the many faces of reconnoiter games. They stand accordingly and dart increasingly, the quest for Intelligence, of sheer magnificence.

“Breaking codes and ciphers, a ton of Intelligence now unveiling…”

Breaking codes and ciphers, a ton of Intelligence now unveiling; employing sundry argot champions, various views, and Lingoes now understanding. Counting their geniuses all, a conglomerating plumage of sages is now populating, all for one and one for all—from Doctors, Engineers, and Linguists alike, to Chemists, Physicists, Mathematicians plus much more and e’er yet abounding. Yet Local, Internal, Double, Dead, and Live—they are a sleuthing-sagacious-strapping-soldiery; their engagements are sometimes apparent and at other strikingly sub-rosa. Unearthing the rudimentary treasuries of espionage; unmasking the many faces of reconnoiter games. They stand accordingly and dart increasingly, the quest for Intelligence, of sheer magnificence. 

“Eyeballing the nations, the global hawk-eyes of grandmaster sleuths are in the skies peeping and prying…”

Eyeballing the nations, the global hawk-eyes of grandmaster sleuths are in the skies peeping and prying; they are observing, watching, and listening. Sleuthing, snooping, and spotting, they are Sherlock Holming, James Bonding, Jackie Chan-ing, and Bourne Identifying. They are breaking codes and ciphers, tons of information e’er at all times unveiling. It’s a microcosmic Espionage Game, venturing and adventuresome in many ways, and sometimes Machiavellian and somewhat perilous in other ways. It’s all about spy craft and secrets; it’s all about the tradecraft—covert all the way. Unearthing the rudimentary treasuries of espionage; unmasking the many faces of reconnoiter games. They stand accordingly and dart increasingly, the quest for Intelligence, of sheer magnificence.

(NB. Espionage Games – A Poem was initially published in the book Acorns of the Soul, a compendium of poetry, by Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze).

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