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Welcome to! The place where you will add value to your minds via our resource-rich and informative content. Let’s go on an adventure!

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Oaekpost—We add value to minds! Photograph: Adobe Stock Photography

Welcome to! We are excited to make our debut in the world! Oaekpost, LLC.  is a U.S.-based online media company and the parent organization of Oaekpost is a proprietary multi-niche global news, entertainment, and lifestyle media platform for sharing compelling resource-rich content to add value to minds.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” — Jim Morrison.

Our motto is the Latin phrase that we have coined, “Addit valorem ad animis.” This Latin phrase means, “Adding Value to Minds.” We are here to add value to the minds of our readers via our resource-rich and informative content. Please feed your mind with the content on our site so that you can expand your thinking and grow your knowledge base. So, join us on this exploratory journey and begin to feed your mind with exclusives from our different niches of resource-rich content.

Our Mission

Educate Your Mind—Feed it on

Our Mission at Oaekpost is to inform the minds of our readers and followers through our resource-rich, thought-provoking, and value-adding targeted content and opinions through our News, Lifestyle, and Entertainment categories and sub-categories.

Our Mission is to reach a multigenerational audience with a principal demographic focus being Generations X, Y, Z. Our goal is to engage the minds of all our readers, particularly in these generations, by providing an alcove in the deluge and age of information overload for a value-added reading experience.   

Our Mission is to trigger an ongoing dialogue in our readers’ subconscious as we discuss, debate and exchange ideas related to our resource-rich, knowledge-provoking, and value-adding targeted content and opinions. 

Our Mission is not to always report stories as it breaks per se but to offer our insightful opinion editorials on the various trends and happenings in the society. Our goal is to provide views through the categories that we offer. Our goal is to provide knowledge-rich content and position ourselves as a go-to niche for insight and enlightenment.

Site Navigation

Mega Menu—Oaekpost Navigation Compass

To navigate through the site, you can use our “Side-Bar Menu” button on the top left-hand corner of the homepage and all other pages of our website. Our Side-Bar Menu comprises the following buttons: Home, News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Projects, Editor’s Corner, About, Meet the Team, Join the Team, Contact, and Shop. We will now take a broader look at each of our Side-Bar Menu components to give us a better insight on how to navigate through our website—

First, check out our Major Categories and Sub-Categories. Our three broad categories are News, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. The News sub-categories are—Business, Education, Legal, Politics, Sustainability, and Science & Technology. The Lifestyle sub-categories are—Career, Cuisine, Good News, Health & Fitness, Home & Living, Leadership, Motivation, Parenting, People, Philosophy, Psychology, Relationships, and Travel & Places. The Entertainment sub-categories are—Architecture & Interiors, Art, Auto-Motion, Books, Comedy, Culture, Style & Fashion, Gen Z Niche, Movies, Music & Dance, Poetry, Sports, and Story Spot. We have a vast array to learn from via our rich multi-niche platform.

A vast array of categories to consider—trust me, you can’t beat the reach!

Clicking each major category in our Side-Bar Menu takes you to its landing page, where you experience the mottled aggregation of all the articles in these areas. It evokes an organic angle for our reader’s pleasure. It encourages our readers to dwell on various topics in various fields. It encourages readers to go on a discovery adventure.   

Second, check out our Editor’s Corner. This corner provides an opportunity to get into the mind of the Editor-In-Chief via this niche. From time to time, our Editor-In-Chief (EIC), Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze, and other leading editors at Oaekpost (e.g., Operating Editors and Executive Editors) will share thoughts, literary analysis, and commentary for deeper insight into the local and global stories that are shaping our world. So, be sure to engage our EIC and other Operating and Executive Editors via the Editor’s Corner. However, before we continue our Side-Bar Menu’s dissection, meet Oaekpost’s futuristic mascot, Mr. Onicha Yumidomi. From time to time, we will also read a line or two from him on as he shares his opinions and thoughts on various issues with us. To visit the Editor’s Corner, Click Here.

Oaekpost Mascot—Mr. Onicha Yumidomi

Thirdly, is the Special Projects corner of our website. Here, we will see various philanthropic projects that Oaekpost is involved in—fully or partially. Via our non-governmental organizational efforts, Oaekpost will support various causes to impact organizations globally positively. Here at Oaekpost, we are all about adding value to the mind, and through this partnership and more to come, we believe we are supporting a global social cause to add value to humanity.  Check out our special projects page for more on our efforts to help humanity. To visit the Special Project Corner, Click Here.

Fourth, be sure to check out our unique offerings through our E-Commerce Shop.  Our secure shop and selling platform comprise five major categories of products that we will be selling. First, we will be selling Posters with motivational quotations and custom art and typography. Second, we will also be selling books and eBooks (i.e., Non-Fiction and Fiction). Third, we will also sell Custom Writing Journals with an African twist like no other in our shop offering. Fourth, we will also be selling custom print Tee Shirts with custom artwork and elegant typographic designs. Fifth, through our shop platform, we will also be selling various advertisement offerings on our website. Our unique shop offerings will make excellent gift items and for your personal collection. You will be amazed at our unique offerings, so shop with us today. To visit Oaekpost Shop, Click Here.

Shop with us on today!

Finally, Other aspects of our Side-Bar Menu that may pique your interest are: About, Meet the Team, Join the Team, and our Contact Page. Learn about the Mission Statement of Oaekpost by reading our About Us page. To do so, Click Here. Do you want to find out more about the Founders of Oaekpost or wish to meet our Guest Contributors, Click Here. Finally, do you have a question about our organization, use our Contact Page to reach out to our Customer Service Teams. To use our Contact Form, Click Here.

Advertise with Us

Tap into our high traffic—Advertise with us today!

On our website, we have dedicated slider banners on our homepage and our category inner pages. If you are a business or an individual with a product and would like to take advantage of our high website, be sure to check out our advertisement page to see the various ways you could advertise your company or product on For more on advertising with us at Oaekpost, Click Here to learn more.

Join the Team

Become a Guest Contributor on Oaekpost!

Are you a freelance writer or blogger looking for an avenue to share your work with the world? Are you an established writer or blogger and want to be a Guest Writer on our website?  Join the team today. Whatever kind of writer you are and would like to showcase your work to our active community of followers, contact us today. Let us know what kind of writer you are and why you would like to feature your work on our website. Our staff will respond to you with a detailed guideline of our requirements. Click here to join the Team. (NB. As we grow and expand, this is where we will be posting any current job openings that we may have for Oaekpost, LLC).

Social Media Handles

Follow us on Social Media!

Be sure to follow us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Please spread the word and be part of our community!

Contact Us

Reach out to us—We are at your service!

Do you wish to contact us for any of the following reasons outlined in this section?  (a). To give us a scoop for one of our niches by sharing news tips, firsthand report, information, or photos about a news story to us. (b). To advertise on Oaekpost. (c). To write and contribute content as a guest writer on Oaekpost. (d). To obtain republishing rights for our original Oaekpost content. (e). To contact us to report a correction or a typo on our website. (f). To make a press inquiry about Oaekpost. (g). To inquire about something else.  (h). To invite our CEO to speak at your event. Click on Contact Us.

Read in Your Own Language

You can read in your own language!

Thanks to automation, you can read our articles on Oaekpost in your own language. The website translates in about 125+ languages. We have made it easy for you to read our work in the comfort of your own language. So, do well to enjoy our site in your language! The translator is on the top right-hand side of the page! Just scroll down to your language of choice—select—and the whole site is translated into the language of your choice. That is the beauty of technology—you can read in your own language.


We appreciate your visit here! Come back always!

Friends, we want to welcome you once again to, where we add value to minds through our resource-rich content. As you navigate these pages and digest the contents that we must share, please feel free to make comments and join the articles’ dialogue. However, as stated in our “Terms of Use,” please be sure to be respectful of others as you interact in the comment section. We will not allow hateful and incendiary comments against other guests, and the staff at Oaekpost will quickly shut down all such comments.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” — Leonardo da Vinci.

Finally, if you like the articles you are reading, be sure to also share and re-share them via the social media handles you are part of. Once again, be sure to also follow our pages via our social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We will be glad if you share the news about our website on your various social media platforms. Thank you for being part of the Oaekpost community. Stay with us, remain with us, shine with us!

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Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze is an entrepreneur and the Founder, CEO, Editor-In-Chief of Oaekpost, LLC, a U.S.-based online media company and the parent organization of He is a multi-niche writer with a wide range of interests in various genres. Agom-Eze is based in the Greater Seattle Area, Washington, and can be reached at

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