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How to Get What You Want and Be Successful

Everyone wants to be successful. However, you do not get what you want by sitting around and doing nothing. You must put in the effort and work at it. To achieve success requires that you take the necessary steps to get there. Find out some of these steps here and read all about them.

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We can get what we want out of life and be successful when we are deliberate on how to achieve that. Many of us go through life feeling like a failure because our high hopes seem to be cut short. Certain universal principles are essential to getting what you want in life, and surprisingly it’s so simplified yet complex for many people. Living your best life does not have to be complicated. Read on as I share some insights on how to get what you want and be successful in life.

#1. Don’t Rely On Passion Alone

First things first, “What is your passion?”

Found a passion and want to be successful in life living your dreams? Well, you have to do more than just admiring that passion of yours like a damsel you are so much in love with because that amounts to nothing. You can admire that damsel, but she’s out of sight when you don’t make a move. Meaning that if you’re not making a move to turn your passion into a successful career, you’ll be losing all you should have gotten out of it. Be passionate but also be committed to consistently making smart moves towards success. In the words of Richard G. Scott, “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to be every day.” Apply for that internship, sign up for that skill training, start that business, start applying for grants, do whatever is necessary to get you going, and enjoy the ride. In addition to passion, consistency is key.

#2. Be a Friend to Learning 

“Master those books you have. Read them thoroughly. Bathe in them until they saturate you. Read and reread them, masticate them and digest them. Let them go into your very self.” — C.H. Spurgeon.

You can get what you want out of life if you’re open to seeking knowledge. Being knowledgeable about the things that matter to your continuous growth sets you apart from others. So, read books, and make it a culture. Learn under someone more knowledgeable than you in the area of life you’re most interested in and build your career with all the learnings you have gotten so far. No matter how far in the knowledge you’ve come, learning never ends. It only takes you closer to your Promised Land of becoming the best you ever and helps you keep evolving in your existence. 

#3. Thought that Lingers Rots

Aerial View of the famous abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit, Michigan. Evidence that things you leave rot and become dilapidated.

Your mind is a powerhouse waiting for you to harness its potentials. Your thoughts are energies too. They could inspire you, make you depressed or make you stagnant. You are what you think, so get rid of stale thoughts that give you reasons why you can’t make certain gold moves. The more stagnant thoughts you entertain, the more rotten it gets. Things you abandon rot and become dilapidated. Such could cripple your ability to see the future you envisage. It could also stall your ability to walk towards it. Attract the kind of life you want through your mind. Think positive thoughts only, and everything else will align in your favor. 

#4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 

“…great things don’t happen in our comfort zone; it happens outside of it.”

You can’t get the life you want by sleeping on your dreams and waking up on the same spot every day. We get too comfortable with where we are that we are scared of getting our hands muddy and our clothes ripped by sharp rusted metals. In the words of Robert Whyte, “All the concepts about stepping out of your comfort zone mean nothing until you decide that your essential purpose, vision, and goals are more important than your self-imposed limitations.” Hence, great things don’t happen in our comfort zone; it happens outside of it. So wake up from your beauty sleep, pull up your sleeves, roll up your trousers, put on some boots, and get into the mud. It will be hard to face a cruel world when pursuing something worthwhile, but the reward is fantastic. 

#5. Draw Your Circle 

Who is in your circle of influence? Create one today.

Let’s face it, when you’re on a journey to getting what you desire, you may likely lose friends who won’t understand your journey. Some will get off the bus because your goal and theirs do not naturally align. Getting what you want out of life involves your decision to keep a circle of people to help you get to your life’s destination faster. These people can be those who are on a similar path but ahead of you. However, you can learn from them as you journey towards your goals. The circle could also be individuals who resonate with you on a deeper level. The saying “show me your circle of friends and I will tell you who you are” is evergreen. It’s in your power to draw how large or small you want your circle to be. No matter the size, ensure they make your journey a fulfilling one. 

#6. Challenge Yourself 

Challenge yourself to become successful.

Set realistic goals and challenge yourself to achieve them. When you reach them at a milestone point, always reward yourself. Doing this all the time gets you closer to getting what you want and be successful in life. In the words of Robert Tew, “Challenge yourself every day to do better and be better. Remember, growth starts with the decision to move beyond your current circumstances.” So, challenge yourself to write that proposal, make that pitch, walk up to that investor, and a lot more. Only the bold can do whatever it takes to become successful. Push yourself to become your best self ever. Inspire yourself to evolve. You can do it.

#7. Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself 

“When life’s circumstances shake and beat you to the ground, stand up, dust yourself off and keep moving.”

We can make plans, and it may not go our way. We may have high expectations and have them cut short. Some of these things happen, but it doesn’t mean we should be hard on ourselves. Understanding that this is the reality of life helps us brace up. When life’s circumstances shake and beat you to the ground, stand up, dust yourself off and keep moving. Failure is not the end of the road. Let’s learn to stop putting pressure on ourselves when in the face of disappointments. Life happens, and the failures make our stories inspiring. So to get the life you’ve always wanted, learn from failures and move on smartly. 

#8. Practice Gratitude 

Practice gratitude daily. 

Gratitude opens doors for you when you make it an attitude. Remember, according to the late great Zig Ziglar, “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” Rather than being depressed when the journey gets rough, all you should do is be grateful for how far you’ve come. Gratitude is a healthy way to allow things to take their course because the truth is, all the work you’ve put in your journey so far is yielding results. You may not see the results in the interim, but it’s working. Motivate yourself towards gratitude. Stay grateful.

Take these steps and climb to your success.

Everyone wants to be successful. However, you do not get what you want by sitting around and doing nothing. You must put in the effort and work at it. In this piece, first, I encourage you not to hitch your wagon solely on passion. Put in the effort to make your passion a dream come true. Second, become a reader so that you can become a leader in your field. In the words of Ogbonnaya Agom-Eze, “Learning is earning.” Third, things that you abandon will rot and dilapidate—even your thoughts and ideas. Please keep your thoughts and ideas evergreen by working on them. Don’t let them rot.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” — Jim Rohn.

Fourth, the magic happens outside your comfort zone—step away from it and see yourself begin to rise. Fifth, create your circle of influence and leverage on their wisdom, knowledge, and counsel. Sixth, challenge yourself to your success. Push yourself to achieve because no one else is going to do it for you. Be your own cheerleader. Seventh, never allow a setback to become the crucifixion of your dream to be successful. Don’t stay down when you fall. Rise and keep moving. Eight, practice gratitude daily; it will hone your attitude, which determines your altitude. Deploy these steps to get what you want and become successful. Start today! 

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