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Taking the Leap of Faith

A fact that remains certain is that you will never know what you can or cannot achieve until you try. You will never know until you take that leap of faith off the cliff of opportunities and possibilities. Do not allow the fear of the unknown cripple your will in the journey of your self-discovery.

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A lot of us get to the cliff of great opportunities and possibilities, and we just freeze. Some sit or stand, just watching others who have taken the leap of faith and are now in flight in their various life endeavors. We shrink back. We become afraid. We become incapacitated by the risks of our anticipated vision. We become numb by the what ifs. What if I don’t make it? What if I fail? What if I cannot sustain the success? What if I cannot get to the end of the road? What if this or what if that? A fact that remains certain is that you will never know what you can or cannot achieve until you try. You will never know until you take that leap of faith off the cliff of opportunities and possibilities. Do not allow the fear of the unknown cripple your will in the journey of your self-discovery. In other to become somebody of worth, you must plunge yourself into the depths of your purpose and into the reason-oceans of your existence. You can take that leap, you can become the best you ever.

There are many people today who have achieved a lot for themselves. They discovered their purpose and made concerted efforts to do something with it. It is not the discovery of your design alone that matters; what matters most are the actions that you take after the discovery. Successful people do not sit around to see what fate would hand them. Successful people grasp their destiny by the horns, risking it all in other to have it all. These people took a leap of faith into the great unknown, and today they are successful. They took the chance in the game of life, passed go, and are enjoying the benefits of their “Boardwalk” and “Park Place” investments today. They are the likes of Bill Gates, the Warren Buffett(s), the Jeff Bezos(es), the Mark Zuckerberg(s), the Aliko Dangote(s), the Richard Branson(s), the Oprah Winfrey(s), the Folorunsho Alakija(s), the Elon Musk(s), just to mention but a few. They took a stab at fate, they jumped off the cliff of opportunities and are where they are today. Cut off the timidity from your will, believe you can, and you will.

Tell yourself that you can and you will

On a side note, I’m not telling folks reading to take a literal leap from off a cliff. If you literally jump off a cliff without a parachute, wingsuit, or a climbing rope harness, and with a sense of wit that you know what you are doing, you will most likely not make it alive to tell your story after the plunge. The ground or surface below will quickly snuff out your wick and receive your splattered bits. You would be committing suicide, and I do not sanction that one bit. You would be ending your narrative before you even begin it. So, I am talking about the metaphorical cliff that symbolizes life opportunities and possibilities that can take you from being a zero to a hero. It’s not a leap of extinction, but a leap of an extraordinary lifestyle. It’s a leap that goes beyond the “what ifs.” I love what a Louise E. Boone once said that “Don’t be so afraid of failure that it cripples your will to attempt new things. The saddest summary of life that you should yearn to eschew from the chronicle of your ephemeral life are the descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” (Paraphrased).  

The Founder of the YouTube Channel, “I Encourage Somebody,” Kelechi Agom-Eze, talks about this topic in the video below. She highlights some interesting points. Her video gave me an extra boost to listen to Steve Harvey’s video on the same subject. There are five lessons that I got out of watching the video(s). First, is the need to get tired of the status quo. If you are not passionate about transcending beyond your status quo, you will never attain the heights of extra-above-ordinary success. Second, always remember that purpose is your parachute. Discover your purpose, embrace it, and leap into the possibilities of opportunity. Don’t be part of the statistics that will regret not vaulting into life opportunities—the “could have been(s),” the “might have been(s),” and the “should have been(s).” Third, make sure you shut down the fear factor. Fear will weaken your will to take the leap of faith. Fourth, just jump—if you never jump, you will never know your capabilities. Finally, spread your wings and soar on the winds of opportunity—become the excellence eagle and purposeful highflier in the affairs of life.   

“You will never know until you take that leap of faith off the cliff of opportunities and possibilities.”

5 Things You Need to Do

Taking the leap of faith does not come to you by just willing it upon yourself. You must come to a place in your mind—a point where you make a series of decisions that will launch you to the pedestal where you start seeing the various products that ensue from taking that leap of faith. In other to take the leap of faith, there are various things that you need to do. Let’s get to the brass tracks of what to do before taking the leap of faith.

#1. Get Tired of the status quo

Get tired of the status quo!

Stop waiting to become the person of your dreams. Stop wishing to become your best you, start working on your aspirations to become great. The jigsaw puzzle of your purpose will not arrange itself. It will remain a heap of unorganized expectations and desires. You need to get tired of the status quo. Start ordering the puzzle of your life piece-by-piece. Embrace your confidence and believe that you can. You cannot stay on the sidelines of destiny anticipating and just hoping for a better tomorrow. If you are tired of your current state today, then get up and do something about it by challenging and transforming your status quo. Try doing things differently, try something new and don’t be nervous doing so. Don’t get stuck in a rut by clinging to old ways that don’t work. Don’t be overly risk-averse—learn to take risks at times. Being risk-averse to a fault can truncate the possibility of you ever taking on a feat of some significance and importance. Think big, think outside the box. You cannot take a leap of faith if you don’t get tired of the status quo.

#2. Your Purpose is Your Parachute

Your purpose is your parachute—Get to packing!

Your purpose is your gifting, your talent, your design, your aim, your point of distinction from others. We have unique expertise and abilities that make us distinct personalities. Whatever we focus on will grow. If you focus on honing your talent and putting it to work, the result will be growth to your utter amazement. It will place you in a place of distinction. It will open doors of opportunities like no other. Your gift will make room for you. Your purpose is the parachute that will aid you when you take the leap of faith. It is your wingsuit that will help you in soaring on the winds of time and chance. The winds of opportunity will catch the wing-suit of your purpose and allow you to sail the skies of extraordinary achievements. As you glide with your wingsuit, always remember that your parachute of purpose will not open immediately. If you fail first and you don’t succeed, lift yourself up and try again and again. Sometimes, you may have to try again and again until you are able to perfect your glide. One thing is sure, if you don’t jump, the possibility of your parachute opening at all is nullified. So, discover your purpose, pack and wear it as your parachute/wing-suit backpack and take that chance and jump. 

#3. Shut Down the Fear Factor

Shut down the fear factor and make your life the main fact of success—Take that leap!

We are human and we at times experience fear. Fear is that instinctive survival signal that alerts us to danger, giving us a chance to react and escape tragedy. This part of apprehension can be beneficial, but only to a point. When we perpetually dwell in fear, it cripples our will to want to achieve anything. Don’t be afraid, just believe that you can, and you will. For instance, when we come to the cliff of opportunities and possibilities, it is natural to be nervous to take a plunge into an unknown fate, the unfamiliar turf, and untested waters. Every successful person who ever gave up something big in the pursuit of the golden fleece came to this juncture in the journey of their achievement. However, if they did not break away from the initial trepidation they experienced, these individuals would not be where they are today. Don’t let fear cripple your will, believe and take that leap of fate. Will everything be rosy as you aim to embrace your purpose and higher calling in life? Absolutely not. However, only those who attempt the unknown are the ones who have the final opportunity of acclaiming, “Eureka! I have found it,” should they make it at last. Shut down the fear factor at the cliff of opportunities and possibilities, give fate a chance as you pursue extraordinary excellence. Shut down your fears and take a leap off the cliff of opportunities and possibilities.

#4. Jump! Jump! Jump!

“Jump! Friend! Jump!” Start your flight and soar!

This lesson title reminds me of the scene in the Forrest Gump movie when Jenny, the girl Forrest liked in the movie, was calling after him to run away from some bullies who were up to no good. Forrest Gump was a fictional character who was depicted in the movie to have been born with strong legs but with a spinal deformity. As a result, he was required to wear leg braces that impeded his ambulatory activities when it came to his ability to walk and run. “Run! Forrest! Run!” Jenny repeatedly yelled as the bullies were in hot pursuit. Forrest ran so fast that the braces gave way and miraculously, he outran the bullies. In the light of this story, I am going to repeatedly yell through the words of this article, “Jump! Friend! Jump!” (NB. Feel free to put your name in the place of the word, “Friend.” Personalize it if you will). At the cliff of your opportunities and possibilities, “Jump! Friend! Jump!” Discover your purpose! Wear it as your backpack!  Don’t let the fear of what ifs stop you! “Jump! Friend! Jump!” Believe you can and you will! Believe in the possibility of accomplishing possibilities from your impossibilities.  “Jump! Friend! Jump!” Remember that mediocrity and non-accomplishment is at your heels. “Jump! Friend! Jump!”

#5. Soar on the Wings of Opportunity

Soar on the wings of opportunity! Take flight!

Now that we have jumped and taken that leap of faith, I implore you to perfect your soar as you glide on the winds of opportunities. As earlier mentioned, when you jump off the cliffs of possibilities, it is the wind of opportunities that will catch the flaps of your wingsuit and give you a chance to soar. The word “soar” means to sail or hover in the air often at a great height. We can learn about the concept of soaring/gliding by observing the eagle. The eagle spends very minimal time flapping its strong and broad wings. A lot of flight energy is expended when birds flap their wings. Rather than flapping its wings for long periods of time like other birds, the eagle soars, glides, and ascends to great heights on the segments of the storm or winds. Why flap and expend energy where they can fly to great heights effortlessly with the help of the wind? Eagles are passionate about strong winds, while other birds flee from storms. Eagles harness the power of the wind to lift them incredible heights above the clouds. As they begin to glide, they rest their wings and let the winds support their lift and flight.

Let us learn from the eagle. As we soar, let us spread the wings of our purpose wingsuit and catch opportunities that will elevate us to effortless heights of opportunities. Successful people are passionate about the storms of life. Like the eagle, they see strong wings as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. When the eagles rise above the clouds, the relax and rest their arms. When successful people take the leap of faith, they begin to soar above the challenge-laden-clouds of this life. These individuals rest their ailerons in flight as they glide and become high fliers in the affairs of this life. They harness the strong winds as a competitive advantage, allowing the winds to catch the outstretched appendages of their purpose. Great achievers enjoy challenges and use them profitably. Eagles also have an incredible vision. If an eagle is soaring at heights of one thousand feet over the open country, they can spot preys over three square miles away from a fixed position. As we sail on the winds of opportunities, we need to have a grand vision of all that we hope to accomplish. Without vision, your purposeful soar is blindsided, and you will end up adrift with no sense of direction. Now, “Soar! Friend! Soar!” Soar to the unfathomable heights of purposeful achievements. “Soar! Friend! Soar!”

Soar like the eagle— “Soar! Friend! Soar!”

In summary, this article has been fun writing and is replete with a lot of lessons. First, don’t freeze at the cliff of your opportunities and possibilities. Knowledge of the unknown cannot be gained in the land of the short-sighted one-eyed cyclops of dormancy. You can only know if you act. Experience they say is still the best teacher. Second, the difference between the people of exceptional achievements and those of little or no significance is purpose-driven action. Those that become great take their destiny by the horns and subdue and master it. Discover your purpose and take a stab at fate—jump off the metaphorical cliff of possibilities and opportunities. Third, never be so discouraged by the challenges of this life that you choose to end your narrative prematurely before it takes flight. Do something tangible. Don’t allow the story of your life to be daubed with the descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

Fourth, get tired of the status quo. If your current life condition is not yielding you your desired life result—don’t hesitate to change it and don’t get stuck in a rut. Challenge and transform your status quo. Fifth, your purpose is your parachute. It is the hallmark of your difference and distinction from others. Your purpose is your gifting, your talent, your design that will open the portals of unique achievements. Sixth, shut down the fear factor when you get to the cliff of opportunities and possibilities. Break fear first and don’t let fear break you. Seventh, “Jump! Friend! Jump!” You have discovered your purpose and now wearing it as your wingsuit and backpack parachute standing at the cliff edge of opportunities and possibilities—all well and good. Now, “Jump! Friend! Jump!” Finally, the eight-point is for you to perfect your soar like the eagle. The storms of life are the competitive advantages of those that end up succeeding greatly. Let the storms work on your behalf.  Let it pull you up above the clouds of life difficulties like the eagle. “Soar! Friend! Soar!”

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