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10 Things to Do to Re-Invent Your Career

Career reinvention begins when you acknowledge the need to change and let go of what is currently not working in your life and embracing another option that will work better.

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Career reinvention begins when you acknowledge the need to change and let go of what is currently not working in your life and embracing another option that will work better. Most people who anticipate starting off their careers after college always find themselves in a position where they are not sure of which job opportunity they should pursue. A lot of people in their unsureness or not knowing their purpose, vacillate between various opinions. A lot of people finally settle down for any job role that comes their way in the face of mounting financial obligations (e.g., living expenses, student loans, mortgages, etc.). These individuals are not in their ideal state, the would preferably be doing something else. In many occasions, the discovery of their purpose takes a back burner in the quest to survive. In all this, there is still a constant yearning towards the need to change or re-invent their careers.

What is apparent is that most of us start our career not entirely sure if that is the job we want to take on. Some people are lucky to make the decision earlier on in their career to quit and reinvent their image and portfolio with a new personality that can help them fulfill their purpose. Discovering your life-goal is easier said than done. How can you find what you can’t see or touch or even define? The elusiveness of the phrase, discovering your purpose, makes it a herculean task for most people to pursue. For others, it may be crystal clear concerning what their life mission is. Despite how hard or easy it may be to decipher; the paramount thing is trying to discover what will turn out to become the core of your career reinvention. The meaning and interpretation of purpose differ from one individual to the other. There are various stories about those who have reinvented their careers. Take, for instance, the story of the life of a Dr. Okechukwu Enelamah.

Dr. Okechukwu Enelamah formerly served as the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Commerce from 2015 to 2019 in the West African Country of Nigeria. He is a trained Medical Doctor, earning his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 1985. At some point in his medical career, he vied off and went back to school to major in Business Administration at Harvard University, earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and graduating with distinction as a Baker Scholar and Loeb Fellow. Dr. Okechukwu Enelamah is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a qualified Chartered Accountant in Nigeria. Today, he was not only the functioning ministerial nominee for the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Commerce in Nigeria, but also founded the African Capital Alliance. He has about five funds under its belt with an investment portfolio of over $700 million. He has financed several landmark investments in Africa such as MTN Nigeria.

Everyone must have thought he was quite mad at the time when he abandoned medicine for business and accounting. However, from what we can see of his life today, he was not psychotic after all, he just found his purpose and decided to do something about it. Your purpose has the potential to transform your life. Your life-design is full of potential energy. When you harness its inherent powers, it can translate you towards the kinetic energies of your genuine worth and ambition. Your purpose is capacity-laden to turn your ordinary life into an extraordinary one. Finding your purpose can refine and polish your destiny. You can reinvent your career today. You can map a new course for your career today. This journey commences at the point of self-belief. As Dr. Enelamah went from being a Medical Doctor to an Accountant, others have also left thriving careers to re-invent a new personality that might leave the world bewildered but to them became the best choice they had ever made.

10 Steps to Reinvent Your Career

Is it time to rethink and reinvent yourself? You judge.

First, re-evaluate your current career and why you chose it. Do you still currently want the same things you wanted at the inception of that career? Do you still have the same goals and priorities in life as you did when you chose this career? What has changed from then and now? What is your current circumstance regarding your location compared to when you made your initial decision? If you answered in the affirmative, then maybe all you need is a firm resolve to pursue and achieve those goals. If you responded in non-affirmative terms, then it’s essential to start by using the next step.

Second, make out time to relax. Maybe you need a break from work. A two-week vacation somewhere remote might help you distress, detach and disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This physical and psychological escape can create opportunities for thinking up fresh ideas for your life and new ways of achieving your career goals. Disconnecting can help you recharge your subconscious batteries should you decide to continue in the same career. Detaching at times can give you some renewed sense of sanity. Also, taking some time to relax can also allow you to re-evaluate your life options and come up with new ones.

Third, reconnect with yourself. Take some time and rediscover who you are, what you love and the sort of baloney you can or cannot take. We spend a lot of time of our working lives taking care of the problems of others. We invest a tremendous portion of our time and mental acumen in taking care of the issues of our customers. In the process of doing this, many times we forget about ourselves, that we are humans that have wants and needs too. Finding time to reconnect with ourselves is a time to love ourselves. It is a time for psychological self-healing. A time to self-course-correct. A time for self-rejuvenation.

Love yourself first because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.

Fourth, x-ray your life to see your current state. Sometimes it may just benefit you to conduct a SWOT Analysis on yourself. What are your Strengths? It could be your talents, skills, or education. What are your weaknesses? It could be things you are poor at doing. What are your Opportunities? It could be areas in your life that you can develop on. What are your Threats? It could be bad habits or anything in your life that will cause you to implode if not changed. Carry out a thorough self-check to find out what you want from life and how you want to go about making sure you achieve it.

Fifth, developing a new skill-set. If you are thinking of moving up in your current career path or even switching careers, the chances are that you might need to acquire new certification or new competencies. For instance, if you find yourself in a location that is daubed a tech-market, taking a jab on a new career path may require you to get a new degree or certifications in technology-related areas in other to be able to compete favorably in a new career field. Hence, consider developing a new skill-set that will help you reinvent your future career pursuit. That could be the change that will catapult you to where you want to be.

Sixth, networking can lead to reinvention. To move up to your new desired job or move into a new career path, you might need the connections of the right people with the information and opportunities you seek. Attend conferences, seminars but don’t forget to talk those you already have in your network about your newly re-invented state as you add new ones. The art of networking has been made easy. Today, the career networking platform, LinkedIn is an excellent avenue to connect with people in a future career field that you hope to be part of. Join LinkedIn and network.

Seventh, research new opportunities. Try to find new opportunities in your field by asking questions. Ask experts in that area about the future of the field of your interest. Look on the Internet and professional platforms (e.g., Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, etc.) for job advertisement that might interest you. So, research online about the current trends in the industries that you anticipate venturing into. By researching you will begin to discover new trends in the area(s) of interest. It might seem an impossible task, but this is a method that might yield unexpectedly pleasant results.

What options are available to you? Research, dig deep and find out your options.

Eight, take a bold step. Do something differently at your current job. Ask for that promotion you have always wanted or that raise if you feel it might motivate you. These can all be inspiring ways to rekindle your passion for your current job. Take a bold step in exploring new careers or field of interest. Make a brave attempt at acquiring that new skill (e.g., certifications) you have always wanted to get. Take a bold step in getting more education that will give you a boost in making the career change that you crave. Make a bold move and become an entrepreneur you have always dreamt of becoming. You will never know your capacity to achieve until you try.

Ninth, relocate to a new office or even workplaces. Just working in a new environment can give you a fresh outlook, offer new perspectives, provide new challenges or give you a more conducive environment for growth. So, you never know, working from home or taking a new commute route might get you back on track. From a company perspective, sometimes changing the organization that you currently work for could spur your career upwards. Being part of a new team could inspire you to explore new and compelling opportunities and possibilities.

Tenth, rebrand your biography. Rebranding your biography and identity can be beneficial especially if you are seeking new employment. Be creative on how you rebrand yourself. Some people, who are able, have been known to create a personal website and then adding its link to their LinkedIn profile and other relevant job-seeking platforms. Some have been known to rebrand themselves using videos too. A new profile might give you the chance to re-evaluate what exactly your mission and vision are. It gives you the possibility to address anything, not in sync. It gives you the opportunity of refocusing your attention on areas of your background that matters to your reinvention. Looking at the profiles of others before making yours could also clue you in on how best to present yourself online or not to potential employers.

The primary goal of reinventing yourself and your future career begins with you. By following the ten principles in this article, you could start pushing the needle of your expected change. Once again, the first, re-evaluate your current career and why you chose it. Second, make out time to relax. Third, reconnect with yourself. Fourth, x-ray your life to see your current state. Fifth, developing a new skill-set. Sixth, networking can lead to reinvention. Seventh, research new opportunities. Eight, take a bold step. Ninth, relocate to a new office or even workplaces. Tenth, rebrand your biography. May the possibilities of these ten steps give you access to the future that you desire.


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