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7 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with God

Our world is rapidly changing. It is fast becoming more chaotic and uncertain. This feeling of uncertainty creates a yearning for peace and order in our daily lives. It is easy to neglect our walk with God in the pursuit of happiness and allow ourselves to get carried away by the chaotic nature of everyday living. Nurturing our relationship with God is a sure-fire way of finding an assured peace and order in our lives.

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Our world is rapidly changing. It is fast becoming more chaotic and uncertain. This feeling of uncertainty creates a yearning for peace and order in our daily lives. It is easy to neglect our walk with God in the pursuit of happiness and allow ourselves to get carried away by the chaotic nature of everyday living. Nurturing our relationship with God is a sure-fire way of finding an assured peace and order in our lives. It is not a one-way traffic affair; God is actively reaching out to all mankind in other to forge a personal relationship with everyone on an individual basis. However, He will not force Himself on anyone. Forming a relationship with God must be must emanate out of a willing heart on the part of humankind.  We are not robots that move to the whim of human programming. We can choose what we wish to do or not do. That is why God is seeking a willing and a contrite heart. A humble heart that will shun pride and give Him access to live and work through them. If you have a heart-shattered life ready for God’s love, don’t for a moment think you can escape God’s notice. [1] He wants us to let go of everything that separates us from Him and draw closer to Him. When we forsake our sins, He draws near to us and begins forging a relationship with Him. We must reciprocate in reaching out to Him as He reaches out to us.

God is forever near us and looking for ways to get into a relationship with us. God is forever standing at the doors of our hearts. He is patiently knocking and waiting for us to open the doors of our heart so that He can come in and forge a relationship with us.  He is constantly speaking to us in soft-tone-whispers as He seeks access. The ball is in our court to hear or not to hear Him. [2] However, a lot of times, we are so busy with the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life that we fail to catch His patient pleadings as He whispers to us to get that access. The truth is that we need God more than He needs us. Giving Him access will grant you an eternal pass into the best adventure time that life and eternity can offer you. Giving Him access ushers us into the world of the loving side of the nature of God.  Giving Him access grants you an exception pass to the negative side of His fury against disobedience. It gives us access to His everlasting love and mercy. He is not the problem. Very distinctively, God is the solution to all our yearnings, all our wants, all our spiritual, physical, psychological, social, financial, health, and overall life needs. He is not distant; He is forever near us. [3] Establishing a relationship with God will help us stay positive, hopeful and purpose-filled in a world that is fast becoming unhinged. God is reaching out to us to forge a relationship with Him.

God is always reaching out to mankind.

In our daily walk with God, He expects that we attain a certain level of growth that is commensurate with the time we spend in His presence. Developing a relationship with another person is the catalyst that breeds closeness. For instance, the more time that couples spend with themselves, the closer they get to each other. The same principle applies to God. The more we move towards God seeking His intimacy, the more He moves towards us to establish an intimate communication with us. The more time we devote to spending with God, the more time He devotes to spending time with us. God yearns the company of His creation, especially humankind, because He created us in His image. We need to grow our relationship with Him. That is the source of everlasting happiness here on this earth. An infant cannot remain as such forever. The natural cadence is for an infant to follow the natural growth progression of physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment to mature with grace and in health. In a similar vein, the malnourishment of the spirit retards and shuts off the flow of His goodwill and the ability to freely commune with God. Most Christians find themselves in this awkward space of malnourishment. If many Christians are in this zone, then those who have not given their lives to Christ are in the territory of the spiritually walking dead.

Forging a sound relationship with God starts when we embrace the life that He gives.  Becoming alive is the first step towards developing a hale relationship with God.  The way, the truth, and the life that God gives can only be accessed through His Son Jesus Christ. [4]  Our morality as human beings cannot buy this life. [5] You can have access to this life by trusting Jesus Christ.  To do this, you must first, admit your guilt as a sinner. [6] Adam brought spiritual death to all through the sin of disobedience; Christ brought life to all through His obedience and death on the cross as the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. [7] Because we are human, we cannot exclude ourselves from Adam’s disobedience and sin. [8] Hence, we must express our full willingness to repent (i.e., 180 degrees turn away from sin, away from death) in other to eschew spiritual death. [9] Making a 180 degrees turn is not optional if we want the life that God gives. [10] We can access the life that God gives by believing on what Christ did (i.e., his death, burial, and resurrection) for you to have this access. This is his ultimate love gift to the world. [11] It is astonishing to see that God was thinking about mankind all along, by providing a means of escape from spiritual death? [12] We have no excuse for not embracing this showcase of love from God through His gift of life—Christ. [13] You can easily accept this new life—just ask, and it will be all yours. [14] Get to know the author of this new life better daily. [15]

7 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with God

Embrace a new life in Christ and you will build a solid foundation in God.

New life is the foundation for building a solid relationship with God. A Turkish Proverb says that “A building without foundation is soon demolished.” It is impossible to establish a sound bond with God without first establishing a relationship with Him. God is Light, and He dwells amid light. Light and darkness has no partnership because Light dispels darkness. We embrace life through belief in His Son, Jesus Christ, is to embrace the Light. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. [16] By following Him, He leads us out of the darkness of sin towards God to a new life that is full of Light. Our desire to grow spiritually propels us towards a secure relationship with God. If you honestly yearn to know God on a deeper level, these seven guides can help you jumpstart your journey towards building a stable relationship with Him.

First, you must desire to go on this journey with God as your partner. Do you know that God is continually looking for people who understand the importance of seeking Him? [17] One significant thing that drives human achievement is desire. The human desire is the governor of focus. A Willa Cather in “The Song of the Lark” once said that “The world is little, people are little, human life is little. There is only one big thing—desire.” What we crave after, we focus on. The will “to be” and “to do” is a result of the desire to succeed. One must desire a thing first before they can achieve it. Your passion is what motivates you to action. Therefore, if what you wish in your life is pure and glorifies God, be sure that you will receive it. God is interested in those who want to know more of him. Therefore, the first thing to do to build a strong relationship with God is the willingness to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness. 

Second, we must disassociate yourself from non-believers. We must be cautious not to form alliances with those who do not love the Lord. There is no unifying factor between light and darkness. [18] We live in the world, but we must not conform to the world. Hence, we live and relate with non-believers; however, God’s command is for us not to follow their lifestyle by association. Remember, we become who we follow. [19] Non-believers have an entirely different philosophy from a Christian’s perspective. In our walk with God, it is wise to avoid a close-welded-fellowship with those who do not believe Christ, especially if our faith is still young and untested. Remember, God disassociated Abram from his people. Abram was still very fresh in the knowledge of God; if he had remained with his people, building up his faith to the point that he became known as the father of Faith may have been impacted. Abraham grew in his relationship with God. God could not hide his intention from Abraham. He walked with God, and he became a friend of God.

Third, always find a quiet time to study the Bible.  If we earnestly look for God through His words, you will encounter Him. [20] The Word of God is food for the soul. Don’t just rely only on Sunday preaching alone. Personally, devote time to feast on the Word of God in the Bible. The typical human eating pattern is eating three times daily. Some people even exceed what is rational to their detriment. Then it makes common sense that we feed our spirit regularly too. Be aggressive in your quest to know God. Theodore Roosevelt once said that “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” With today’s hectic schedule, it is difficult for most people to find a quiet moment to meditate or listen to the Word of God. You must find a way to weave Bible study into the fabric of your daily calendar. Listen to podcasts or audio CDs on your daily commute to work. It takes a deliberate and constant effort to achieve all desired goals. No matter how tight your schedule might be, always create a time to study God’s word. God will be close to you if you are willing to know him.

Study to show yourself approved.

Fourth, do not abandon the gathering of believers. God urges us not to neglect church meetings. [21] Despite this directive from God, there is still a radical decline in church attendance globally. There is a drastic increase in Christian apostasy (i.e., a total desertion or departure from Christianity). People’s hearts are cold towards the knowledge of God. The Devil understands the potency of God’s word and what it can do in saving the soul of man. Hence, he does everything within his power to discourage folks from reading the bible and even going to church to hear it. He, the Devil, has blinded the eyes of people so that they can go to a Christ-less grave and spend eternity with him eventually. [22] The church is asleep; only a few people in the church are actively spreading the message of Christ to the world. We cannot and should not abandon gathering to worship together. Walking with the wise, we become wise. Walking with fools, we become fools. [23] For a steady relationship with God, you must be in close fellowship with those who already have a stable bond with Him, to learn and nourish your faith.

Fifth, be active in the things of God. You cannot live for God and yet be dormant and not be doing anything for him. [24] You must actively use the gifts and talents that God has deposited in you to do His will. You must become a conduit of His word and blessings to the world.  You cannot just be an observer on the stage of life. Don’t just be a spectator and a churchgoer. Explore every opportunity to serve God, be it in church, at work or within your community. Seek out opportunities to radiate the light of His goodness to the world. Remember, there are many people who are going towards a Christ-less death. For the Christian, this is a code red situation. It is estimated that 1.8 people die per second. I don’t know how accurate this data is, but it should make the heart of the Christian to cringe. If you become active in the things of God, your attention will likely shift away from the desires of the world. Becoming active in God will make you develop a stronger relationship with Him. [25]

Sixth, by fasting, prayer and giving of thanksgiving.  Don’t trouble yourself about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don’t forget to thank him for his answers. [26] I cannot overemphasize the importance of fasting when it comes to spiritual growth and developing a healthy relationship with God. Fasting can supply you with pure strength from on high. It is a shot of red bull to your prayers. Fasting gives wings to prayers.  Fasting is an excellent way to seek the face of God. It is also a way to battle strongholds and issues that require more than prayer alone to move from our lives. It is a powerful liberation tool when combined with prayer and thanksgiving. A William Temple once said that “When I stop praying, the coincidences stop happening.” Prayer is the fresh air of God’s presence. Prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving will get the attention of God and He will draw closer to you. Fasting humbles you before God. There are many examples of leaders who have won impossible battles through fasting, praying, and giving thanks all over the Bible and in current times. Therefore, whatever you desire that is just and holy, is possible through fasting, prayer, and thanksgiving and a sure way to building a strong relationship with God.

Cultivate prayer as a habit.

Seventh, be at peace with all men.  Jesus, teaching us in the Lord’s prayer asserted that when we pray for God to forgive our transgressions towards Him, we must first forgive those who transgress against us. [27] Paul writing stated that “We should try to stay out of all quarrels with people and seek to live a wholesome and consecrated life, for one who is not set apart for God will not see the Him at the end of this life.” [28] You cannot be quick to anger with a mind filled with un-forgiveness when seeking the face of God. To build a relationship with God, your mind and entire being must be at peace. Paul also admonishes Titus not to get involved in arguing over unanswerable questions and provocative theological ideas. He tells him to keep out of arguments and quarrels about controversial Jewish laws. Establishing that these kinds of arguments only does harm and are not worthwhile. [29] So, let the peace of heart that comes from Christ be always there in your hearts and lives. Such peace is the duty and a prerogative of all who serve Him.  In all this, you must also stay thankful. [30]

We have surveyed several points on how we can cultivate a strong relationship with God. We need to pursue God passionately and grow our relationship with Him daily. Developing a strong relationship with Him is the most valuable investment that you can ever do for yourself here on earth. Master the seven principles in this article, and you will jumpstart your journey towards building a strong relationship with Him. Once again, first, you must desire to go on this journey with God as your partner. Second, we must disassociate yourself from non-believers. Third, always find a quiet time to study the Bible. Fourth, do not abandon the gathering of believers.  Fifth, be active in the things of God.  Sixth, by fasting, prayer and giving of thanksgiving. Seventh, be at peace with all men.  May the serenity of the Lord, which passes all understanding fill your hearts and mind in the knowledge of God through Christ Jesus, His son. And may the blessings of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, dwell and abide with you now and always as you journey towards seeking and building a deeper relationship with God, in Jesus name. Amen.

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