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Stay Away From Negative Psychological Energy

The mechanism of humanistic emotional energy can be positive or negative. Positive emotional energy inspires us and brings the best out of us. Negative emotional energy depletes our emotional psyche. Find out more in “Stay Away from Negative Psychological Energy.”

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There is emotional energy all around us. This energy influences everything we do in various facets of our lives. It influences the way we interact and connect with the people around us, which has a lasting effect on our lives. The mechanism of humanistic emotional energy can be positive or negative. Positive emotional energy inspires us and brings the best out of us. It reinvigorates our total energy motivating us towards wanting to accomplish more in our lives. Positive emotional energy brings out an enthusiastic and heartfelt sparkle in us. On the split side, negative emotional energy depletes our emotional psyche. Negative energy brings out the worst in us, leading us down the paths of frustration, anger, and eventual burnout, etc. Negative energy does not just affect us personally; it contagiously influences all those around it negatively. The level of positive or negative emotional energy that we experience and exude is solely dependent on the intensity of the emotional energy within and around us.

The human being is a social creature. We are wired to interact with one another, whether directly or indirectly. The human being is built for relationships. We socialize with one another on a regular basis. Except if we are reclusive, in some way or the other, we interact with each other in society. We build and surround ourselves with communities of relationships. Every single person brings something different into these social interaction links. For instance, a glum person is almost never excited about the future. They have no compelling vision for what it should be. They almost always have an adverse reaction to any issue and can only see the negative side of your idea and why it is wrong. Negative people rarely accomplish anything significant due to their pessimistic disposition. They end up dragging down anyone they are in a relationship with. On the other hand, being around a positive person is refreshing. They are full of optimism, vision, creativity, innovation, industry, etc.

Humans—Wired for connectivity and interaction

There is a vital need for us to have our guards up against those who are continually negative. When we are perpetually surrounded by individuals who exude a constant flux of negative energies, we stand the risk of depleting our positive-based psychological, emotional energy reserves. Negativity affects the way we see our life and the lives of those around us. An unknown author once said that “Pessimism is an investment in nothing; optimism is an investment in hope.” Harbingers of negativity invest their negative emotional energy on nothing of substance. They hang their powers on the evaporative energy of nothingness. Negative emotional energy is a social virus that is very virulent. There are times that we cannot avoid it in the community of life. We must live by it and exist around it. However, it must be eschewed at all costs. Whether it springs up from within us or from around us in others, we must be immune to its cataclysmic and endemic impact.

How can you tell that negative energy surrounds your life? Research has proven that the absence of positive thoughts and interactions can cause anxiety, depression, and isolation. When you enter a room that has a lot of negative energy (e.g., anger, resentment, depressive, unhappiness, etc.), the vibe of the ambiance will hit you like a ton of bricks. Negative emotional energy has a way of draining the life out of you. A sorry state of emotion can quickly transform the psychological disposition of a room. It is like a drop of purple dye falling into a container of clear water. After a while, we can see the effect in the discoloration of the clear water. The once pure water changes state as its color transforms to reflect the color of the dye. The dye changes the state of the liquid medium. This is in consonance to what negative emotional energy can do—it can turn a positive state and make it negative in a heartbeat. So, watch how you feel, the things you say, how you react to issues, and the general wellbeing of your professional, spiritual, physical, financial, social, and even sexual life. It all adds up at the end of the day and can be infectious to say the very least.

Rage—A cancerous negative energy that must be eschewed at all cost

Ten Signs that Negative People Surrounds You

First, negative people embrace a pessimistic perception/outlook. They have a perception problem. All situations, good or bad, in their judgment, are already variation-filled from the inception. When you encounter negative people, you will realize that they often don’t have good things to say. It’s almost like they loathe positivity. Regardless of how brilliant your idea is, they will always find something to complain about, either you or your work. Nothing is good enough for them. Their perception or outlook is skewed from the onset.

Second, people with negative energy are certified critics—they complain about everything. When complaining becomes a way of life for some people, they adopt a contrarian existential position as a way of life.  Complaining or whining is a strategy negative people use to justify their lack of progress. This position is unpleasant, to say the very least. It is always them against the whole world at all times. They always feel that something or someone is out to get them. They are akin to criticizing everything. It’s no-holds-barred when it comes to criticizing various range of issues. Name it, they complain about it.

Third, people with negative energy have a victim mentality. Their mental state always classifies them as the victim in every situation. They always position themselves as the perpetually oppressed. They may be the negative disrupters, the mischief-makers-in-chiefs, and the cardinal cause of the problem, yet they still claim to be the victim of the incidence in question. It is always easy to spot them in any gathering of minds. These individuals who play the victim invariably refuse to take responsibility for any of their actions.

Fourth, you start channeling the associative attributes of negative people. When you hang around too much negative emotional energy, there may be a tendency of saliently imbibing the negative qualities of such spirit around you. When you find yourself feeling more cynical than you used to, your psyche may be experiencing the virulence of the negative energy. These symptomatic signs begin welling-up from within you. You become guilty and infected by association. By hanging around such negativity, you stand the chance of becoming negative yourself. You also become contagious.

Negative energy can spread

Fifth, people with negative energy are parasitic in nature. They are like mosquitoes that suck the life out of you and infect you with the glum-virus in the process of doing so. Negative people suck out all your energy. There is no mutualistic benefit in the union or association whatsoever. They leave you emotionally and physically drained.  They are utterly incapable of producing any positive vibe wherever they go. Basking in the euphoria of their company will leave you tired and deprived of any energy. So, please stay away from them in other to maintain your psychological health and sanity.

Sixth, people with negative energy are always green with envy. A negative person’s jealousy of your progress and happiness will make them incapable of being happy for you no matter what good comes your way. It is wise only to encourage positive relationships that involve a lot of affirmation and validation. A cynical and jealous person will always be angry or sullen when something good comes your way. This pernicious attitude may lead to them treating you poorly or trying to drag you down emotionally because they don’t have what you have. In some dangerous circumstances, such people may even harm you physically. Beware of the Green Monster of Envy and Jealousy.

Envy—The Green Faced Monster of Negativity

Seventh, people with negative energy show no sense of gratitude. They are so focused on the negative perspective that they become blindsided towards situations of positivity that surround them. A William Wilberforce once said that “Ingratitude sickens the heart, chills and thickens goodwill’s lifeblood.” Tell me about it, this quote hits the nail on the head. Horace also said that “The earth produces nothing viler than an ungrateful man.” They don’t show gratitude towards their friends or family members, and they take their life benedictions (e.g., their jobs, businesses, home, health, etc.) for granted. They are destitute of gratitude, which is the heart’s memory and heaven itself. They dwell on the “Isle of No Thanks.”

Eighth, people with negative energy are unapologetic. Negative people see apologizing as a sign of weakness. They find it very difficult to admit any wrongdoing. In their world, they are always in the right even if they hurt others while being in the wrong. Being unapologetic is the unruly progeny of pride. An unknown author once said that “Pride is the only ailment known to humankind that makes everyone ill except the one who has it.” While a positive person is quick to apologize for hurting others, a cynical person will do almost anything to avoid an apology. This is sad.

Embrace gratitude. Save yourself from the Isle of No Thanks

Ninth, people with negative energy are ruthlessly greedy. They focus on their personal gain with a heightened voracious instinct. They are willing to step on the toes of everyone around them if it boosts their success. They are concerned with their profit and will do anything that benefits them, irrespective of whom they hurt in the process. The walk according to the stipulation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his “Notes from Underground,” that “I say let the world go to a fiery hell, but I should always have my cup of tea.” (Paraphrased). That is their ideology, ‘To hell with the world and everyone—I’ve got mine, and I don’t care.’

Tenth, people with negative energy do everything in their power to obstruct the change process. These individuals are not satisfied with the status quo but are unwilling to do anything to change their situation. A confident, positive and optimistic person knows that they must work for what they want. However, people with negative energy would rather sit around, instead of putting in the effort to change their status quo. They would willingly stand in the way of others who are trying to change their current situation. That is the height of unpardonable laziness and the heartbeat of penury. No wonder a German proverb says, “Idleness (laziness) is the key to Poverty’s door.”

Five Ways to Ward Off Negative Energy

Warning! No negative energy here!

Negative energy is everywhere; however, this does not justify its existence. We must never condone it nor tolerate it. We should do everything in our power not to be influenced by it. We need to fight against its virulence vehemently—we must make ourselves immune to its pernicious effects. We must be proactive in stopping its endemic spread and impact. Trust me, it is very contagious and will wreck a lot of havoc psychologically if not put in check speedily. Regardless of the source of the negativity, there are five things that you can do to insulate yourself from some of that negative energy. They are as follows:

First, make friends with positive minded people. It is quite impossible to please everyone. It becomes a worthless attempt when you expend energy seeking out people with a toxic disposition with the goal of making them happy. Their negativity springs from the aquifers of unhappiness within them. From the opposite end of the psychological spectrum, happiness can only well-up from within us likewise. Don’t cross-contaminate these aquifers—keep them separate. Attempting to amuse an unhappy soul could bring us down to their level if we are not cautious. If you find that the people around you are too negative, then it is high time you make new friends with positive-minded people. Remember, a positive attitude attracts positive attitudes. The more positive your new acquaintances are, the more confident, energized, and connected with life’s experiences you’ll feel.

Positive energy attracts positive energy

Second, be sure to set and enforce limits. Negative people want people to join their pity party so they can feel better about themselves. There are occasions when you may feel obligated to listen to their complaints simply because you don’t want to be called callous or rude. My advice would always be to remember that there is a fine line between lending a compassionate ear and allowing yourself to get embroiled in their drama. Learn to enforce limits. Don’t tolerate negative people if they are stealing your time and energy. Rather than frequently complaining about people, take back your power by limiting the amount of time you spend talking, thinking, or worrying about unpleasant experiences.

Third, keep a level head and don’t let people’s issues or opinions of you affect your sense of wellbeing. Maintaining a level of emotional detachment is very crucial for keeping negative psychological energy at a distance. Deriving your sense of satisfaction and self-worth from the opinions of others, means you are no longer in control of your happiness. Always stay in charge always and have a healthy sense of wellbeing. You are never as good as everyone says when you win. When you lose, you are not as bad as people portray you to be most times—people will always air their opinion. What is important is the lesson you eke out of the situations that life throws at you. Keep calm and collected and walk on. Never let the negative opinions of others define who you are as a person.

Keep Calm. Keep a level head and walk on

Fourth, choose the attitude you wish to portray wisely. Never allow a harbinger of negative energy to dictate the current or future state of your emotional wellbeing. Doing so means that you are giving them too much power over your life. Make a concerted effort to choose the attitude you portray in every situation. Make it a great day for yourself, despite what others say or do. Choose to depict a positive attitude even when those with a contrary opinion are nudging you to behave irrationally. Don’t allow them to determine how you will think, feel, and act in any circumstance. Oversee the situation and focus all your efforts on becoming the best you ever. That is your competitive advantage over them, your resoluteness to have the best attitude ever which is crucial in determining your altitude in life.

The fifth and final point, don’t engage in arguments with the negative person. Discussions would only strengthen the social ties between yourself and the negative person—avoid it. Defending your decision only allows the negative person more control over your life. A Michael P. Watson once said that “You can never win an argument with a negative person. The only hear what suits them and listen only to respond.” To be honest, it’s a losing battle to argue with a person that oozes negative energy. You are utterly at liberty to avoid anyone who is not a plus in your overall growth as a person. The ball is in your court to do so. The choice is solely yours to control your narrative on how you stay away from people with negative energy. In this instance, stay away from arguing with them. The choice is yours.

It is difficult to live in a bubble in the world that we find ourselves. There are different shades of personalities that we are bound to encounter—the negative person is one of such. From the knowledge that we have gained in this article, we can choose to control the narrative when we encounter such persons. The best action to take is to control our own disposition and learn to answer every man or woman we encounter, especially those with negative energy. We have the power of no, the will, and shield of a positive disposition to ward of negative energy. We must be sure to wield this power to preserve our sanity when we need to and if we must.

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