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Make Seeking God’s Kingdom Your Chief Goal

The first, second, and third priorities of your life should be seeking God’s Kingdom. Hence, it should be the chief goal of your existence after which all things can now follow.

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Usually, at the start of New Year’s, a lot is always being said about pursuing God’s purpose for one’s life. As always, this is a great vision. However, we must remember that the reason God has asked those who believe in Him through His Son is to obey the Great Commission. The Great Commission is to take Jesus to the Nations so that He can save the world. However, God does not want to redeem that person in some remote village or distant city and lose you in the process. Yes, you. We must always remember that our relationship with Him is the first thing we must endeavor to sustain. Maintaining our relationship with Him is the very first foundation of seeking God’s Kingdom.

“The seeking of the kingdom of God is the chief business of the Christian life.” — Jonathan Edwards.

Fulfilling your purpose is not just about carrying out some routine assignments God asked you to do. It’s not enough that you obey Him if you do not have communion with Him. Obedience and communion go together—they are not mutually exclusive. Remember Mary and Martha. Mary spent her time listening attentively at the feet of Jesus. She was in sync in communing with the Master. However, Martha was the jittery type, busying herself with the “work” of dinner preparation but neglecting communion.1 He is a Shepherd who doesn’t want to lose even one sheep, and that includes you.2 Don’t show the world the way and be left out at the end of the day.3 As you show the world the way to heaven (i.e., Jesus, the Word of God)4, be sure to remain also in the Way not to be lost.

The Word of God is the Highway to Heaven.

Begin to see it as “Seeking God’s Kingdom” than as pursuing your purpose. Seeking God’s Kingdom puts it in perspective for you. It gives you a sense of responsibility that you are part of something bigger than life itself. See the big picture and embrace it. It helps you realize that you are part of God’s family—some of this Kingdom family is already in heaven and come down here on earth.5 It helps you see that you really cannot lose sight of The Father. Yes, you are working for him and doing His purpose. However, that diurnal inception of that work dwells on maintaining a sustained relationship and communion with Him. Jesus fulfilled His purpose but was entirely dependent on The Father. Aim to fulfill yours likewise; however, like Jesus, you also need to be entirely dependent on The Father. Hence, a daily communion is fundamental.

“The Kingdom of God is not a matter of getting individuals to heaven, but of transforming the life on earth into the harmony of heaven.” — Walter Rauschenbusch.

You honestly cannot give what you don’t have. To give to the world as you work to fulfill your purpose, you must renew and refill yourself daily in God’s presence. Seeking the Kingdom of God and fulfilling the will of the Father starts from the place of communion. In God’s presence, you become empowered. In His presence, you receive an infilling. You gain from His presence to give out to the world. In God’s presence, you will experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasures of God’s eternal presence.6 Stop running to serve tasteless food to the world. Seek and serve the Kingdom of God first by dining with The Master. Let Him satisfy your soul with His pleasures, and then you will be able to serve a delightful and savory dish of His word to the world. Then serve the dish hot the way the Father loves it.

Make seeking God’s Kingdom the chief goal of your life.

You must make seeking God’s Kingdom the chief goal of your life. For you to achieve this loft goal, you must be consistent in honoring and representing the Kingdom. It should show in every aspect of our life. It should show how we deal with family, friends, work, leisure, etc. It cannot be otherwise. If we say that we are pursuing God’s Kingdom, then our lives must be a clear reflection of the principles of the Kingdom that we represent. We cannot hide the light of the Kingdom principles. They must be reflected in our lives—that is our purpose as true Kingdom citizens. Don’t hide your light! Let it shine for all; let your good deeds glow for all to see so that people will truly acknowledge God making a difference in our lives.7

“The only significance of life consists in helping to establish the kingdom of God.” — Leo Tolstoy.

Many things will compete for priority when you make it your life goal to seek God’s Kingdom. People, objects, goals, money, pleasure, and many other desires will compete for your time and focus. These things in themselves are not bad; however, if you do not take precaution, any of these can quickly nudge God, His Kingdom’s pursuit, out of the chief place in your life. This will happen if you don’t actively make an effort to give God and the pursuit of His Kingdom the first place in your life. When we make seeking God’s Kingdom the chief goal of your life, God will, in turn, make it His priority to add all these previously stipulated benefits a part-and-parcel of your life.


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